The only place for a coil spring is up Zebedee's arse
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I have had several of these where the clip from the mounting screws has fallen into the unit and shorted out the 5volt regulator. Normally a blown regulated and / or a burned track

i have had several P38's through the years now but at the moment I only have a Supercharged 4.2 Sport.
But I am still into the electronics of the car as aI have I little business producing things and does revere engineering.
I make stand alone immo of programmers for the diesel and for the gems engine and the TD5 engines. One of my side projects for a long while has been the BECM RED pluss project. It is a brand new PCB set for the BECM with new processor and IO. It is open source and layers you get in control! Also brings in some new fi√łunctions as lazy flashers, new remote that unlocks rear hatch, clock and temp in instrument.
I also work on 2 other p38 specific boxes. One that connects to the BECM plugs and let's you open superlocked doors and one You have to open the BECM and connect to the boards using a push on bracket to read eka and stored codes. It also lets you reset alarmed state.
I am a Norwegian that has emigrated to Bulgaria and lives a happy life near the black sea in Burgas and have my own electronic workshop . My base is from the C64 and Amiga hacker community. Zeb Crusaders is my handle.