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My P38 is a 2001 County model, so a sort of medium spec. It doesn't have heated or electric seats, however it doesn't have a manual adjuster on the side of the seat like I've seen on other non-electric seats. There is this hole, which appears it should have a button pushed into it. I tried inserting a screwdriver today and twisting it, I can hear and feel it triggering a little microswitch in each direction, but nothing happens. Underneath the seat it's connected into some sort of wiring loom. Ignition was on when I tried it. I've looked online but can't find any reference to this type of seat with just one button. What should it do? And should there be a button in it?

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Last year I developed a coolant pressurising issue, which turned out to be the head gaskets. I replaced these and things have been mostly fine. Just a little rough running on LPG at idle. Petrol was fine.

Now I've started to have rough idle on both LPG or petrol. I replaced the ignition leads, as I had no idea how old they were and it didn't help. Today I've connected up the Nanocom and have a lot of misfires just on one cylinder and it appears to only be at idle.
Spark plugs were replaced with the head gaskets.

Now I'm thinking back and I did have issues with the inlet manifold not fitting as well as I wanted when rebuilding and I'm thinking this may be the cause of the misfire.
On top of this, in the past couple of weeks I'm starting to get pressure in the coolant system again :( Although, no coolant loss yet...

Although I was convinced after a lot of checking that the heads didn't need skimming, it looks like they might. However I'm concerned about getting the heads skimmed and the inlet manifold fitting even worse.

Since I've had it, there is a very minor oil leak at the rear of the engine, which I believe is the main seal. I'm seriously considering taking the P38 in for someone else to rebuild it, including removing the engine to replace the main seal and possibly replacing the camshaft etc too whilst it's in. The mileage is unknown as it was a replacement engine a number of years before I bought it.

I'd love to be able to do this myself, but I don't have the space or time at the moment.

Is there anyone in the north west that you'd recommend for an engine rebuild?
If I'm going to do this, I'd like to get it done properly.

For some reason since a few weeks ago my EAS has decided to default to motorway height instead of standard.
So when I turn the ignition on and start the engine it moves down from standard to motorway.

It never used to do it, the only thing that is different is that I was using it locked to motorway height a few times shortly before this started.

I've had a standard relay in place of the usual EAS one for a long time now and quite like it, so I left it. I prefer that the car isn't adjusting unnecessarily.

The height lock button is not pressed in or active when this happens.

As far as I'm aware this isn't normal or an option? It should always default to standard height, I think?

Was wondering where those of you with reverse cameras have them mounted?

My P38 had some under bumper parking sensors fitted when I bought it and they are old and pretty useless. I thought about replacing them, but then I realised it wouldn't work so well, as I have a fixed towbar that would be the first thing to hit anything.
When I fitted a cheap android 7in unit, I did fit a reverse camera, next to the towbar, it was a temporary solution until I could find a better place to mount it.

Currently neither the camera or sensors are much use, as all I want them for is to know where the towbar is.

I thought of trying to fit something into the upper tailgate handle/number plate light trim, if I could find a camera with the correct angle, it would probably be a good subtle place to fit it, that actually allows a bit of a guide to how far away the towbar is from anything. It would also help for backing up to trailers then too...

Any ideas or inspiration of where you've fitted yours if you have one would be much appreciated :)

Hi all,

Another new member checking in here :)
Been on the .net forum for the past year, but Richard recommended this site. I have to start by thanking Richard, he's helped me various times and given many great tips and tricks :)

So I have a 2001 4.0 (on LPG) in fairly basic spec (a County), it has leather seats, AC, cruise control, but not all of the luxuries like a sunroof, electric seats, painted bumpers etc.
I bought it just over a year ago in fairly good condition, I've always like the P38 and when I noticed one for sale fairly locally I couldn't resist. Looking at the paperwork, it had been owned for a number of years by the same guy that appeared to spend a lot on it and was his pride and joy, but the last owner seemed to let things slip in the couple of years they owned it. Started with the usual list, like leaky O-rings, perished cruise hoses etc and most recently blown head gaskets.

Looking forward to contributing to the forum and probably asking more questions!