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This all started with him telling me to stay on topic in a thread that I started. I started a thread asking about rear brake lines. Then I asked about rust treatment in the same thread. He then stepped in.

I've registered a different username on there so I can send the odd reply but mainly to avoid the ads. I saw your thread, I saw his comment about dropping the tank allowing you to deal with any rust and then when he told you to stay on topic, I saw your reply. I very nearly sent you a PM warning you that you were getting dangerously close to a ban by answering him back. Seems he hasn't yet entered into the Christmas spirit of goodwill to all men.

Welcome and if it wasn't for Toad, I think we'd have far less members on here. But will you please remember that this is primarily a UK based forum. So it's a car not a truck, it has a bonnet not a hood and it runs on petrol not gas as that really causes confusion when so many of us this side of the Atlantic run our cars on LPG.

PS, do you actually have an Esprit as well as a P38? A glutton for punishment is the phrase that springs to mind.......

So, I never ran into him before this thread. I've been a member there for 7+ years, but pretty low key. However, I could quickly tell from his PM's that I was going to get banned unless I backed down. But, I didn't. I tried not to be too rude, while still arguing that he was out of line. Well, you can imagine how that went down. When I sent the last PM, I was pretty sure a ban was coming. I'm in my 40's and have been on the internet pretty much since the beginning. I've been a member of a number of automotive web sites for most of that time, and this is the first time I've had a run in with a mod.

Anyways, I'm glad to find out there is an alternative. The fact that most of you are UK based is fine with me. Who knows these CARS (:)) better than a bunch of Brits:) (BTW, please excuse me for any inappropriate regional comments;))

As for my forum name, yes I own a couple of Esprits. I have a '95S4s and a '03 FE V8. The Esprit was the dream car that I wanted in high school (I even had the poster hanging on my wall). They are, in my opinion, amazingly under respected cars. I might be a glutton, but I've been eyeing Jaguars for years and will likely add one to the stable one of these days as well. There are some TVR's that I'd love to own as well!! You guys have turned out some awesome cars:)

Well, as a long time P38 owner, I am just glad to find out there is an alternative to that other side (which seems to be full of a lot of dead links and outdated vendor info these days). I don't know if I would have found this site if I wasn't banned for arguing with him via PM.

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You'll find nearly everyone here started on there until we got fed up of the total LACK of knowledge on there. Also most of us are based in the UK though I think we have members in France, Spain, Canada and the Philippines.

Well, maybe I can drum up some members from the US. :)

BTW, I would love to find out that he is reading these threads... I hope he enjoys being a big fish in a very small pond...

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I got an adverse RRTH response when I said my clock loses an hour every day, I just ignored it, don’t know why he seems to want to argue with everyone, I didn’t say the clocks were shit, but got accused of it, I can’t see anywhere on your thread where you did anything wrong !
On here you can voice your opinion any way you like, every car has good and bad points, people are entitled to know the good and bad points, it helps people thinking about buying one to look for things that might need repair soon.

Ps, welcome

So, he deleted my response asking about rust treatment. Which I only brought up because of his suggestion... However, the 1:1 discussion went down hill quickly. I was never rude aside from ending with Merry Christmas. That really seemed to bother him. He was far more aggressive and derogatory in his messages.

He brought up rust mitigation. I asked about recommendations on how to deal with rust, and he shut me down saying that was off topic. Then he deleted the messages aside from me thanking him for his advice...

The funny thing is that it doesn't matter. I can still access all the info on the site; I was just happy to find an alternative that pointed him out as an over eager internet mod.

Yes, I was banned from rangerovers.net for a stupid reason by RRToadHall. I posted a thread about rear brake lines and rust, and he objected to my question about rust treatment.

It seams like more than a few here dealt with the same. So, why can't we make this site into a more serious competitor to that one. I'm not a rabble rouser, but that guy really pissed me off.

I am so happy to find this site. I was just given a month long ban by RRToadhall. This all started with him telling me to stay on topic in a thread that I started. I started a thread asking about rear brake lines. Then I asked about rust treatment in the same thread. He then stepped in. His PM's were very condescending while accusing me of the same...

The funny thing is, banning someone is an empty threat. I just think it is funny to find out how much of a reputation this guy has for being a jerk.

Honestly, being banned from Rangerovers.net is not even a bump in my life.