The only place for a coil spring is up Zebedee's arse
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I have got a stack of stuff if you are going to make a reference library. What about copyright?

2000 Range Rover 2.5 DSE HP24 auto, uprated torque converter - JFearn chip, larger intercooler, removable winch, stainless exhaust, alloy radiator, Gen III's, Terrafirma +2" shocks, GG AT2/3's.
Full Fat Faultmate able to do all models.

ex 1996 Discovery 2.5 300Tdi diesel auto
ex-1982 Classic 3.86 Perkins diesel manual

Ok - I think the primary reason is operator impatience... after watching an RSW vid it was suggested that you let the car run with a door open so that the EAS pump could spend all its time filling the tank...I let the pump run for 10 mins, it then cut itself off, I closed the door and it immediately climbed to standard height. Possibly the compressor needs a helping hand in future and so I'll rebuild the pump anyway at some point. Back to the air con again now !!

I always take it out of Drive at lights (I had to think carefully about that, because it's sub-conscious now). Maybe it just reminds me of a manual, being able to move the stick. When I started driving the Defender auto 15 yrs ago it was way back before I understood the anatomy of the gearbox though I'm not saying i understand it much better now :o) ] and I didn't want to create any unnecessary stresses on a car I will take to the grave, and now it's just become the way I drive.

It does not realiy matter if it is 11, 21, 31 years of course..... and even banning Cotton Buds and Straws etc is basically a 'joke'
but it gives us an idea how totally clueless they all are about it (and how stupid they believe us all to be for that matter ?)

Fortunately it's probably all Academic as there are now kids who are smarter than 'Presidents' (be they Trump or Johnson):-