The only place for a coil spring is up Zebedee's arse
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i have heard that Sharjah is dryish.we eventually brewed our own using quality brew kits airfreighted with company machine parts.Customs being very lax,although we still had drink licences( I still have mine,wonder if its still legal). The only Range Rover in Sharjah was a 2door owned by our project manager.

reply to Spiggy.yes I worked there for a couple of years1976/78.Great days.It was one mega building site,petrolat 15p a gallon,beer at £3 a pint!dont suppose I would recognise the place now.

hope Ive got the right place for introduction. Gilbert td recomended this site as an alternative to another one. Its a far better site I think and will probably go far.Ive got my p38 running really well now thanks to other members.Bought my p38 for v little money and its been a good investment and a joy to drive. I bought a Nanocom which really helped.Im base in Belper,Derbyshire so any one locally with problems are more than welcome to use it.Thanks to all who have given me some great info.