The only place for a coil spring is up Zebedee's arse.



For the first time since i bought the car, I've had the time to remove the carpet try dry it out. I fixed the heater matrix o-ring leak 18 months ago and it was still saturated.

Washed with a hose till foam stopped and water ran clean, but will it ever dry out? It's been in the direct sun all day hanging over a trestle, but still soaking...

7S Tow Bar Wiring

I'm having more trials and tribulations trying to sort the 7S wiring socket on my VSE.

I bought a split charge kit from Land Rover (STC8875) which is listed as fitting all P38's from 1995 to 2002.

The instructions when looking at our GEMS car make perfect sense, you remove a bung from the pink plug under the fuse box and slide in a new contact and insert a 5A fuse into slot 35 in the fuse box.

When looking at the fusebox for my 2002 P38, there is already a wire in the pink plug and Fuse 35 is a 10A fuse for the fan.

After a brief chat with Marty last night, there is another way to wire it in but due to the kit it won't charge the battery in the caravan so I'd like to avoid this route if at all possible.

I've also found a 4 pin connector behind the rear left tail light. If you remove the plastic panel beside the subwoofer it's hanging there. From what I can see the 4 pins are:

Red/Green - Reversing Light
Pink/Red - Permanent Live
White/Orange - Switched Live
Black - Ground

Anyway, my question... does anybody here have a THOR car with the white 12S towing socket fitted? Does it just run through a bung in the floor into the connector behind the tail light or does it still have split charge and a volt sensing relay at the front of the car too? I really cannot find much information about the later cars online at all.


Headlining again, where to repair/replace?

I accidentally posted this on the electrical section so I thought I would post again on here.

Yes another irritation.

Only had my P38 for a number of weeks and all is going reasonably well. Converted back to air suspension and a handful of other little niggles sorted out. Just returned from a blast down a dual carriageway with all the windows open and the headlinIng has dropped from the sunroof backwards. I guess it was loose and with the wind flying about in the car it has surrendered to gravity!

Done a bit of reading and don't fancy having a go at this myself but quite happy to let an expert renew or refix as necessary.

I am based in the Dorking, Surrey area. Does anyone know of anyone who could sort this out for me?

Thanks in advance.

whats in a maf (gems)

![enter image description here](https://i.imgur.com/wlJyYkU.jpg "enter image title here")

Genuine JLR parts catalog

Just came across this: https://parts.jaguarlandroverclassic.com/parts/index/hierarchy/id/L7/brand/land-rover/

The P38 is listed as Range Rover Classic 👌

Show me your boot

Hi all, looking to modify the boot space a little as I have LPG which has stolen the spare wheel well but want to carry a spare. Also want to carry few tools, spares, add an aux battery, additional compressor etc. Thinking a custom ply box with drawers which I can also mount my dog guard too (from a diff vehicle but physically fits).

If anyone has gone this route would appreciate a photo or two please for inspiration.


I have got the first signs of micro switch failure, in that occasionally the doors will lock and unlock on their own, however before splashing out some serious wedge on new latches, I’ve heard from another forum that the BeCM might be at fault. Is that right or just internet mechanics talking?


Intermittent sound from front doors

Moving this thread is very from “another” forum!!

So, I have just completed my checks of the door latch wiring and noticed the stereo sound only coming from the rear. Checked fuses, all ok.

Today decided to take doors all apart again to check I’d refitted properly. Put radio on to keep me company and noticed the sound is working fine now....

Great till the next time but anyone got any ideas where to check? I know there’s a plug in the kick panel which corrodes but that wouldn’t affect both sides together would it?

I’ve got a 2000 vogue with HK and sub in boot...

Creaky suspension?

Not sure if anyone's had this,but: for the last couple of days when cornering right i have noticed a bit of a creak coming from under the car, seems.to be the rear. It sounds as if it is on rusty springs, which it's not...
So this is if i'm either going round a RH bend at 30+, or also as i'm exiting a RAB ie also steering right). I dont think this is a steering thing... Front suspension is pretty much all replaced in the last year, along with rear shocks. Could be an anti roll bar, or bush ( i'm guessing rear) i also thought exhaust mountings. Anyway, i'll go under and have a look, just curious if it rang a bell with someone...

Strange clicking from doors.....

Now I know these cars are full of electrical conundrums but this is a bit weird.

I was sitting having a nice relaxing cup of tea on the patio, P38 parked up about 20 foot away then I heard a strange double clicking noise, like two clicks one after the other. A short while later this happened again and then repeated every few minutes. On investigating, this noise which sounded like the central locking engaging or disengaging was coming from the car. I believe I can see a slight movement in the door buttons but it isn't locking and unlocking as I would've thought. I locked the car with the fob and that seemed to stop it.

Even stranger later , I started the car up and this occasional clicking continued with the engine running! How very strange. I had to go somewhere later this afternoon and the car behaved itself and this clicking didn't occur while driving.

Any ideas?

Chassis VIN number.

Hi guys, I wonder whether someone could upload a picture showing where the VIN number on the front of the chassis is ?

I am getting grief from the tossers at my local NCT [MOT equivalent but worse] test station. They are not satisfied with the ones that you can see normally, the numpties "want to see" the chassis one. Unfortunately, my motor has been painted with heavy "underseal" so I can't find anything !!


Afternoon all!

Just thought I'd say Hi....

Steering Wheel Leather Dye

Dear All, My Lightstone leather is worn on my steering wheel and needs 'dying'. I have spoken with Furniture Clinic who say I need a colour code? They think it may be 'SMK'? Has anyone else purchased a kit and who from? What colour code did you use? What was the end result and has it lasted?

Odd diesel issue and cure

My mate mark got a DSE that would stall on selecting gears from park !? It didn't want to shift gears properly either so took it to a guy who put it on a computer and said fuel out of phase ? --- he said pump/injectors ? I asked him to get into gearbox ECU he said he couldn't 🤔 we fitted my vogue gearbox ECU and straight away computer got access ---- so after getting another DSE ECU the whole DSE transformed itself into a smooth gearchanging nice running range rover ----- still can't understand why/how ECU had failed

Sunshade removal

While waiting for a 3rd replacement osf brake hose - all the Britpart ones seem to have the top bracket missing, I thought I'd extract the sunshade as it needs to be retrimmed along with the headlining.
The manual seems to run out of detail after removing the drive cable locator. Removing the guide assembly screws seems logical but before I break a vital bit of plastic are the guide assemblies masticed to the frame?

Also is anyone else retrimming their headlining soon?

Nano for sale

Just a heads up, there’s a nano on eBay, £270 at the minute,, £355 buy it now, on gems ,,

Ebay number 363061680520

What the flip! Light guards...

I recently purchased my P38 which was entirely standard apart from some aftermarket light guards fitted front and rear. They will have to go!

I'm just in the process of removing one and have found that to fit them you have to drill holes in the bodywork! What the bejeezus is wrong with people!

I don't want the guards but I also don't want these captive rivets sticking out the sides of my wings. What is the fix apart from sending it to the body shop, having the holes filled and the wings sprayed? Is there something else laterally thinking that can be done?

Alternative sat nav for my P38?

The original sat nav has never worked and before I dig deep in to the reasons why, I wondered if anyone has fitted an alternative?

I found this on the web.


Alarm fault P38

Went to the car today and the car is immobilized and i cant turn it off. My fob had been disabled before I bought the car so the alarm was turned off on the key.
This morning only the driver door would open and when it did the alarm went off and engine is immobilized.
How do i disable it? , does the the EKA key turning method work on pre 99 models as mine is a 95? I do have my EKA code card but its stored elsewhere so I was wondering if its worth the journey to get it.

Any ideas?



Tow Bar Wiring

Evening all,

I’m about to use my P38 for towing a caravan and am considering changing the towing electrics.

My P38 currently has the black 7N towing socket on the back bumper. It’s a genuine LR socket on it, from reading online it’s likely connected behind the tail light cluster on the OS of the car.

I’m thinking of adding the white 7S socket so I can run all of the caravan electrics properly. From reading on the net, I gather there’s a socket for that to connect to behind the tail light cluster on the NS of the car. There appears to be 2 part numbers when looking online...

AMR3007 - Towing Harness
PRC9233 - 12S Towing Socket

From what I can gather, AMR3007 plugs into the plug behind the light cluster and PRC9233 connects to this to give you the additional socket. I’ve read there’s also an additional relay that you need to add to stop it flattening the car battery.

I’m thinking of combining both the 12N and 12S sockets into a 13pin electrical socket on the back of the car as well.

Does anyone have any experience of the 12S socket on the P38?