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Have you contacted Ashcrofts https://www.ashcroft-transmissions.co.uk/automatic-gearboxes.html? I doubt it would take them 2 weeks.

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They won't have it for 2 weeks, the repair will take them three days.

The place is too busy to look at it until next Wednesday and reckons we'll have it back at the end of Friday.

It's been with a local place since Monday (but he couldn't look at it until Wednesday).

It broke on Friday and we got the hire car on Monday so Fiona could get to work. She'll need the hire car until the Freelander comes back - which makes up the two weeks.

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RutlandRover wrote:

There's a surprising lack of people that will touch automatic gearboxes.

That's true here in the UK, seems in the US there are lots of auto transmission specialists who will rebuild them etc. I used to have lots of problems with auto boxes on Chrysler people carriers, bought replacements from scrapyards but did consider rebuilding the box myself with stronger parts... very fiddly time consuming work and to exact tolerances though. Not sure I'd prefer a recon box over one from a scrapyard, some firms 'recon' boxes might just have had the bit that broke changed so hardly better than one from a scrapyard anyway, price and warranty might swing it either way for me.

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And the verdict is in....

£1000 + VAT to replace a snapped reverse gear band

£330 + VAT to strip the IRD and replace any leaking seals to fix an oil leak from that.


Going to have to extend the hire car again too. The IRD work was unexpected and will add to the repair time.

I think I'm most definitely skipping the upcoming camp and delaying my bush replacements!

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Ouch, is it a particularly good Freelander? I'm sure you could buy an MOT'd and driving car for less then that.


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We paid £2,600 for it in October with a nice long MOT. The MOT history is much cleaner than other cars we looked at.

The interior is perfect and it drives really well.

It's also a high spec and has the combination of features she was specifically looking for.

We drove a few around a similar price point and they were all dogs.

It was previously owned by someone much like us here. Somewhat enthusiastic about the car, mechanically inclined and looked after it well.

Given how nice the rest of the car is we'd rather repair it than start a new search and deal with the hassle of selling this one etc.

We also need it back quicker than we could replace it.

At least this way we know the gearbox and IRD will be good for a long while.

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So we're going with 6th/7th of April - works for me too :)

I don't think mine need doing, but I'll be around anyhow.