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I’m looking for some tips on replacing my headlining material. Over the years I’ve replaced 4 but still never mastered the technique in the dips. I have always used foam backed material from AS-trim. The areas I just can’t master is in the grab handles and around the sun visors. I’ve even tried cutting the material by the rear lights etc to alow more stretch in the dips. Although they always look good I’ve never managed to get that factory look. Any experts out there with some advise?

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We did 7 or 8 at the last summer camp using the kits from Martrim. The trick seems to be to use lots of the spray on glue.

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I was going to do mine but in the end I had a couple from the face book group come and sort mine out. They done a brilliant job and it was money well spent.

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Don't stress too much about wrinkles in the handle recesses - they get covered over by the handles. If you worry about those fiddly bits too much you might compromise the large flat areas that are obvious the whole time.
Also, make sure you have clean hands before handling the trim that surrounds the sunroof hole - mine is still quite grubby!
Overall though, I'm still absolutely stoked with the result we got.