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LINLEY has finally be completed. Paint job finished and she’s ready for show.
The keen eyes amongst you may notice a few things I added to her that was not LINLEY spec but I believe makes her look neater and more sleek.
Firstly, I used centre caps from the HSE Sport (#LR094547) which are black with Land Rover in a silver logo instead of the silver ones with Green Land Rover logo.
Secondly, I replaced the front and rear Land Rover emblems with the HSE Sport Black emblems to match the paintwork and finally I had the body trim moldings painted to match the smooth gloss black finish of the bumpers instead of the standard black rubber look that was on the originals. I am going to get a ceramic coat put on it In May.
I left the mud flaps off for the time being to see if she looks more “civilized” without them. Haven’t made my mind up on that yet. The amber turn signal on the front body panel is not the correct one, the original was the clear ones, and this was put on in error at the paint shop (how this happened is beyond me because I didn’t bring it in with an orange turn signal) but since this photo was taken the correct lens has been put on it.
But she’s done and that’s almost 2 years work completed on her. Everything works and almost every part has been replaced on it. I’d be brazen enough to say that she is as good as new. The main things I’m proud of on her are that the air suspension works like new, the front heated seats work, the heated windshield works, there is no book symbol on the HEVAC Control, there are no faults in the vehicle, I’ve a brand new set of keys including FOBs and a valet key as I replaced the sticking drivers door handle and ignition key barrel plus the navigation system works and I have a full set of North American navigation CDs along with the Canadian set. The black lambs wool front and rear rugs are also still with the vehicle. An original mint condition LINLEY Press Pack, that was only given out in limited numbers, is also included with the vehicle.
I was also able to get a copy of the original build sheets for this specific vehicles VIN which included a list of all the special order parts.
About to turn my attention to the H&H and put her back on bags and the same with the Westminster....
I’ll post better staged photos of her after the ceramic work as the two I’ve attached here do not really do her justice but I wanted to show her as soon as she was complete.

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Excellent!!!! I've waited a long two years to see the result of your labours. She looks gorgeous. I remember when I first saw the thread about her being for sale over on the dark side. You must be a proud man, John.
I don't know if you've had the ceramic coating before but it is something I can highly recommend. I had mine severely detailed 18 months ago with the ceramic as an extra. To this day, it still looks stunning even when dirty. The shine is permanently there. When it gets washed by my tame little man (who is not even allowed to wear his watch), it looks in showroom condition. Bests money I spent and it wasn't that expensive. I paid an all-in cash price of £300. Not bad for such a large car. Her little DS3 was £220.

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Fantastic job, well done.

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beautiful-- your perseverance has paid off big time!

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Looks fantastic,, brilliant job.

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What a truly unique vehicle, you should be proud :)