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My dear LPG Bordeuax started to get a bit sluggish on the battery last week and today it was a no go.
Checked voltage - fine, but current wasn't there and no indications from charging light, quick diagnosis was a duff battery.
Managed a start with a jump lead and another battery, and after a bit of muttering and swearing it was off to Halfrauds with the trade card, and left the engine running.
Delightful young lady at the counter insisted on the Reg no., so as to be sure I got the right battery - God bless her cotton socks.
Battery was hauled from the shelf, all tilled up with discount and they took it to the RR for me.
Got home and started work, making sure to keep 12v on the leads with the spare jump battery.
No problem, I've done this loads of times, hang on this is a tight fit - damned thing is about 1" too long and is on the tilt - more swearing.
I don't believe this - the battery poles are arse about tit - more swearing.
Yanked out the new battery and snapped the plastic pipe from header expansion to rad - more swearing.
Water everywhere and it was damned hot - more swearing.
Emptied my shed and found some 8mm soft copper tube,external bending spring and jubilee clips to make up new ends to the rubbers.
Started to cut the pipe and the hacksaw blade snapped - yes - more swearing
After about an hour I found another junior hacksaw - cut pipe and made the joints, top up with water and off to Halfords.
Drove to Halfords with old battery after jump leading, saw the delightful young lady and told her my woes.
Can you show me the receipt please ?....................Guess what ? - it was at home.
Sorry can't do anything without a receipt...blah blah blah, so off home and did the swearing in the car.
Eventually got the correct battery,fits like a glove and all is well.
I owe the swear box quite a few quid !
Not too sure what the moral of the story is.

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Hellfrauds have an issue with their system and list the wrong battery for the P38. You're not the first to fall victim, I did too until I was told about battery magastore and the Hankook 1000CCA battery of doom.


Uhoh :(

It seems to be available from Amazon
but more expensive.