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Hiya Gents.

I 'ave had this issue since i got her, the Little "gully" that houses the wiring loom under the plastic kickplates next to the seats is filling with water when it rains.

enter image description here

Down here ;)

The Pollen filters were sealed up around a week after i bought her!

The Heater matrix O rings have also been done, + it defo ain't coolant!!

Cheers Gents for any replies!


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There’s a window strip that runs the lower length of your front windshield. Often this will wear out and the clips that hold it into the lower window frame will perish. With that water coming down the windshield will get under the strip and find its way in through the holes where those clips attach to and run down to the floor.
I removed the window strip and bought a new one. When putting it back in I had to remove a number of the clip pieces from inside various holes. I also put a tiny dab of silicone on each hole. No more water on the floor.
Also, while you are at the above, I would suggest that you remove the windshield wipers, remove about 8 screws holding in three plastic covers. Remove these covers and you will probably discover a bunch of leaves and hazelnuts etc. clear them out.
At the backside of the longer piece of plastic you will notice where a mesh had been attached. This usually perishes. This is important to replace as it keeps the leaves and such from entering into the gulley below the windshield which can cause water to get into the vehicle. I cobbled some plastic mesh from a home supply place , removed the metal wiring that held in the old mesh and replaced it. While there I added a stripe of silicone on inner side of both air intakes, where the filters go in order to help guide water away from them.
Pain in the arse to have to remove so much to put the mesh in and to clear e gulley but well worth it.
As an aside, with so much water in the door way you should probably check the site plugs further forward along that loom to make sure they are not damp.