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Getting SRS red light on instrument cluster.
Able to reset with Nanocom but it appears to come back after passenger sits in seat.
Is this a coincidence, and if not, is there a “squat switch” in seat that senses pressure from an occupant?

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There is no occupancy sensor, however there is a plug underneath that is probably loose, or corroded.
Sitting possibly wiggles it enough to pull it loose.
What specifically does the Nano have to say about the fault? Open, Shorted?
Look under the seat for the yellow wiring harness, and check the 2 pin plug.
I had to cut out the plug on my Passenger side some years ago due to corrosion. Solder and shrink tube are your friends here....

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I had similar, and on advice from the forum I cleaned up the yellow connector under the seat with contact cleaner and it has behaved since.

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Hi I have a 1998 4.6 GEMs in which it appears the sunroof and trip computer have been omitted from the BeCM. The compiter doesn't work at all and the sunroof does power up. I have changed the switch panel to no effect. It does say Sunroof not set so it appears this is the likely option.

Does anyone have a Nano Comms diagnostic tool in the Manchester area who might be able to assist...volunteers gratefully appreciated..best wishes Dave

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If it is saying "sunroof not set" when you press the buttons for the sunroof, then it is turned on in the BECM. If it is turned off, then any input from the sunroof switches are ignored.

It's probably worth unplugging the sunroof motor and seeing if 12v gets to it when the button is pressed. Will tell if it's an issue with it getting power, or whether the motor is faulty.

Trip computer is a BECM setting aswell that just might not have been enabled on yours.