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Well there I was, wondering if I dare post a question on a certain other board without getting my head ripped off and Gilbert dropped me a PM.
So here I am :)

I'm a newbie to Range Rovers, I've had a couple of Jeep Cherokees (XJ) and was looking for a nice WJ Grand Cherokee Overland (with the 260 HP 4.7) but couldn't find a nice one. While I was looking I came accross an ad for a 2001 Vogue in Epsom Green with Lightstone seats and pretty much had to have it!

Having almost sleep walked into P38 ownership I've woken up with a bang and I'm a bit nervous as to what I've got myself into, but so far she's been a great ride. Once I'm happy that I've got a "keeper" it'll be getting an LPG conversion so I'll have some money left for food, heating oil and other luxuries!

I'll be the one asking the questions for now, hoping to learn a lot from you helpful types so THANK YOU for taking the time to put this board up. May I be the first to suggest a real pub someday? :)
All the best,

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wow.... you've got nerves..... admitting you owned Jeeps :-) thank god you went the right way and found Land Rover to complete your life ;-)

They are not as bad as they are talked about, but do need their share of attention and maintanance though. Hope you learn to love yours, even if it sometimes gets stubborn.

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Haha, I thought I'd better 'fess up early and avoid living a lie :) Jeeps are endearingly honest old trucks. The XJ (boxy old cherokee) is a simple beast and "only" 1400kg but definitely not a patch on the P38 for comfort and refinement or parts availability!

I do love the Rangie, it's a very special place to be. For now it's having a very unstresed life as it is used every 3-4 days to keep the battery topped up or if there's a need for comfort, space and refinement :) We still have a BMW E46 330i touring (on LPG) which is fast and frugal - but spectacularly useless on snow or ice. Once that finally dies (it's on 169,000 miles) the Range Rover will be a true Daily Driver.

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Once that finally dies (it's on 169,000 miles)

So, in about another 169,000 miles?

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Welcome back from the "Dark side" and into the light!
Jeeps are pretty good. Decent motors and running gear, but everything else is made of snot and tissue paper. Not surprising then, that a truck that has been built down to a price point just does not have the same "residual quality" as one that you paid through the nose for to get it off the lot!
P-38's were well designed, and well built using (Mostly) the best stuff available. Other than the odd electrical gremlins (C'mon! They are British after all) The feel you get from driving a 15 year old RR versus an equivalent Jeep is just not even close!
And, as a bonus, if (when?) the P-38 does strand you you will be much more comfortable and of course you will look better sitting there!