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had troubles getting on to the site yesterday my virus software would not load up it stated that the site was under attack from something and when i turned the computer on this morning my virus software is doing it's thing on my computer this time . all clean now, did this happen to others or just isolated to me

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Not to me

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Yup, happened to me yesterday. Google chrome wouldn't load the site, gave an error message that said that someone was trying to steal my information, it only happened when I logged onto this site.

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Actually to me the message was that the security certificate for the site (or host) was outdated/expired, thus a "warning suspicious website" notification was issued ... since I have the option to allow me control of that, I did go further regardless - knowing the site is not "suspicious"*. Other peoples' browsers might have different setups, perhaps more invasive.

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Yes, the SSL certificate expired - I think Gordon probably has it on auto-renew, but sometimes it doesn't always work.

Nothing, in this case, to be concerned about :)

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Gotta love consumer AV - always trying to justify the renewal license!

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Yeah, that's my fault, the TLS certificate expired and the script that autorenews it had gone all P38 on me.

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Certbot is great, though :)