The only place for a coil spring is up Zebedee's arse.
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...... geometrical infelicities ?? .......... had to look that one up!

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I'm at Crowborough in Sussex. Not too far for a quick test to be arranged. Was supposed to be meeting a 7 pm flight at Luton airport this coming Sunday which would have been ideal with an early start for a quick afternoon deviation to Dorking.

I have a Nanocom and a set of suspension setting blocks too. (Memo to me must re-set the standard height as its riding a little high.)


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Clive. It would be good to meet up when convenient. My car is away having the roof lining done at the mo. We will pick up on Thursday on our way home from a couple of days away.

Let me know when convenient.

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If you have time to call in on Sunday do feel free to see what I'm up to on the CVC just the other side of Dorking from Phazed.

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Just to put this one to bed.

Yesterday I fitted a set of Billies supplied by Paddock spares at a very sensible price!

Easy to fit. Quality looked good and when I compared the amount of damping on the bench side-by-side, the originals were definitely less and therefore did give a bit of a roly-poly ride.

Testing these on the road, my wife instantly gave the thumbs up for a less sickening ride! It really did feel that much better on the road.
While we were out today, I drove a couple of well-known byways in the Surrey Hills. The suspension was just super compliant even on the higher off road setting. It was that much smoother than my old Discos which had springs on the front and air on the rear.

A definite improvement over the original but of course the original dampers were 19 years old!