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Now that cold weather has started here in Norther East USA I had noticed a strange set of occurances in AM. This vibration is not from engine and doesn’t happen when car is stationary.
Vehicle starts fine but when I drive the first 5 minutes or so it vibrates bad enough to seem like a wheel is loose. There is no banging or noises from it. This starts at 15MPH and will stay there up to 75 or 80. Eventually (7 minutes or so) it will stop and vehicle drives normally. It’s still on coils (a task I was supposed to handle this summer but now on burners to 2021).
Air pressure in tyres is fine etc......
Only happens on morning with temps below 5C.......
Anyone have this issue?

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I used to have that on my Scout back in the 70's and 80's, but those were largish (by yesteryear standards) bias ply tires, I doubt that that's your issue in 2020.

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Frozen moisture in a tyre?

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Leap in the dark... brake binding perhaps... or handbrake?

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Moisture/condensation on electrics (eg. HT leads) ? If you let it warm up whilst stationary first -for say 10 mins- does this still happen ?

Tempted to add the 'old favourite' of the CPS too...... and those 'coils' we _all _have too !

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I find the same when its cold on the Disco and its been sat for a while (couple of weeks or so). Been told its the oil in one of the boxes or the Diffs likely to be the cause. Feels like a thumping for the first mile or so but soon disappears after that. But not got any further into looking at it. Fine if its been used recently and fine when its warmer too.

I do also notice if its been sat for a week or so, that I have to give it a few seconds after putting it into drive before it will go anywhere at more than a snails pace, like its refilling something in the gearbox almost.

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Any tyre puncture goop in the tyres?

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check your oil levels and grease your universals. how cold is cold now?

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I'd guess it's gearbox as when in drive it crawls ---- maybe filter getting clogged when left standing and once warmed up crud on filter moves allowing oil flow ---- that's just my opinion on issue