The only place for a coil spring is up Zebedee's arse.
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When I bought my massive white/blue elephant a few years ago I felt a great paranoia about how unreliable these P38's were known to be..

Over the past few months I've been replacing components on the almost daily basis "no joke" as it seems if I replace one thing something immediately falls right the hell off..

For example..

A few weeks ago She plummeted to the bumpstops due to a bad compressor, no biggie I thought so a rebuilt unit was fitted...

Literally 2 days later another "beep beep" EAS fault and it turned out I needed to replace the valveblock O rings due to a massive leak emerging from one of my O rings lol so I did that and she was fine for another week until I get to my current issue!

Which I hope to be fixed tomorra when a new sensor comes!

I won't mention the suspension bushes that disintegrated or the headliner that dropped when i had the sunroof open and filled the car with orange dust that got into my eyes and throat!

So while snot sneezing and tearing up like a right bastard, I was blind - good times...

The alternator and all the idlers failed..

Blend motors went to shit..

Sunroof pissed water in "fixed"

The list goes on

BECM fail..

pollen filters leaking "fixed"

Seized VCU

Whiny diff(s)

Rear calliper's that seized, and a pad that flew out and rendered the rear left caliper inoperative so I had to drive home with 1 working caliper.

Exhaust blow "fixed"


Battery failed straight after I replaced the suspension.....


I seem to be bonding with this thing the more it breaks the more I like it!

A great distraction, I don't even get mad when it breaks!

Perhaps I've gone mad..

Everyone that knows me frequently remarks that it is cursed!

Maybe it is supernatural!


Back to reality.


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Sounds much like mine for the first 18 months to 2 years after I bought it. Do everything (properly), then just use it.

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Although I had the sticky orange dust from the headlining after the AC compressor had decided that driving through France with an ambient temperature in the mid-30s was a good time to stop working. Travelling at 75-80 mph with all the windows open pulled the loose edge from under the tailgate rubber and filled the car with orange dust.

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I'd note you don't mention any welding required, which lets face it is rare on most cars by the time they are getting towards their 20th birthday, if they even get that far. So you can be thankful for that!

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Oh did forget..

She needs the rear bumper mounts welding!

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my rover had an argument with the lawn mower 2 weeks ago and lost!!
2 days after mowing the lawn i jumped in to the rover and had this funny looking design on the back window, they are hard to see out when they are shattered !! considering that i was heading to the shack this is not what you want to see in the rear view mirror. so we take the wife's car , no 4wd !
now i have to fix it , there is a big dent in it thanks to my daughter (another story on it own ) but now the glass is shattered i need to replace it . finding a upper tail gate in Tasmania is an almost impossible task , ended up buying an entire car to get tail gate, he wouldn't separate ,also found half a car dismantled (no body)for 100 dollars so bought that to . now i have spare everything almost . no spare tail gate used that bit.
so i now have 5 classics and 2 and a half p 38s