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Signing up to here that is.
I've had my 99 4.6 HSE for around 4 yrs - Blenheim Silver, lightstone interior and pretty much standard apart from the wheels which were fitted when I got her - initially I was going to fit mondials but they suit the old girl so theyre staying.
All airbags and compressor were replaced as well as fitting new rad, water pump etc and she's been reliable - and so she should be with only 86k on the clock.
She's only done around 500miles this year as Ive been enjoying my Camel Trophy D1 but as she's a P38 there are a multitude of little bits needing done and Ive made a start on them - I really want to get her back to as new condition as my wife loves her and has insisted that she is staying :-)
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Welcome to the other side. It looks like you tried to insert a picture but failed, if you ignore the bit that says title here or something like that and just put a link in the little box that pops up, it'll appear. I know exactly what you mean by little jobs on a P38, it's taken me the best part of 5 years and 125,000 miles to get everything working on mine and even then the rear washer only worked for a day!

Where in the world are you?

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Welcome Buzz!
Pull up a stool, it's your round :)

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Gilbertd wrote:

Where in the world are you?

If it's the same Buzz1024 (and there can't be many) as on RetroRides, I think he's up Scotland way.

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Or he could be from Lightyears away (sorry- couldn't resist)
Welcome Buzz

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Welcome Buzz, don't be shy to tell us where you're from, after all they've accepted me too as a Dutchman (at least that's the feeling they give me). :)