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Having soo many issues with my p38 and instead of burning it to the ground which I am close to doing I desperately need someone local with the correct diagnostics for year 2000 p38 4.0L v8 thor engine. Have several issues from abs and tc light on, srs light, battery dying constantly although locked doors and witnessed car switching off by park light going out. Every now and then it dies and asks for key code to start again, I went to start tonight for it not to start and it said engine disabled? Jump started it and went fine. Fuel ratio is possibly out or have misfire or fuel leak. Slight issue with my air suspension. I don't mind spending money on parts and giving it a go fixing myself, I just need to know what I need to fix, I also don't mind buying the parts I need and paying someone on here local to fix the car so that it is running well and I know it will start each morning. Just had our 3rd child 3 weeks ago and with 2 horses I am struggling to find the time to properly look into things hence need diagnostics on car and someone who knows these inside out to go those are my issues and this is what you need to do.

Thanks in advance and fingers someone is local.

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For my money, the first thing is a decent battery. Have you tested yours? can you trickle charge?
If you need a new one, this is the badboy you need: https://www.batterymegastore.co.uk/product/hankook-heavy-duty-commercial-battery-mf31-1000/
Forget Halfords.

I have diagnostics, but not a lot of time. Can you drive your P38 atm?
Good luck!