The only place for a coil spring is up Zebedee's arse.
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We did find on one of Marty's cars, where it has been sat so long on the bump stops, when putting pressure into the bags directly they didn't want to extend to lift... quickly abandoned that plan before they went pop.

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Well, it’s been 7 months since this thread was updated, I’ve done a ton of work to this car in the last few weeks... I just need to get it MOT’d now and we’re good to go again!

Initially I wanted to replace the radius arm bushes and the exhaust as it was rotten... that didn’t quite work out though...

Work done is:

Radius arm bushes
Panhard rod bushes front and rear
Steering Damper
Drop Links
Anti Roll Bar bushes
Exhaust - Cats, Centre section and back boxes
Rear axle oil seals
Rear pads due to oil contamination
Rear callipers cleaned and painted
Front and Rear diff oil
Transfer Box Oil
Both air con pipes that run along the bulkhead
Plenum Foam on scuttle panel

When I’d just about finished all of this lot and I was giving it a good going over I noticed a weep on one of the gearbox oil cooler pipes. The pipes ripped the threads off the cooler. Last time I did one I cut the nut off the cooler in 4 pieces but the threads weren’t strong enough to tighten the cooler so this time I didn’t bother.

So more work done:

Both gearbox oil cooler pipes
Gearbox Oil Cooler
Genuine LR gearbox filter

In total it’s cost around a grand to do all the work to the car. I really can’t complain as it’s just been a major service really. I’m just grateful that I don’t have to pay labour to have the work done as it would probably have written the car off from a financial perspective.

Whilst the scuttle panel was off I also removed the GPS receiver, I checked the plug and it appeared dry and corrosion free, however, a scoosh of contact cleaner on the plug seems to have helped the sat nav as it now knows where it is and works fine!

I’m hoping to get her MOT’d on Tuesday and then I can turn my attention to getting the engine into the other Vogue SE!