The only place for a coil spring is up Zebedee's arse
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Looks good, I would get a spare lid and try it on that.

Thank that is so helpful, had the fuse board change year. Think it was a sticky relay played up when set off for the ferry on Friday then packed up Saturday morning. Checked the fuse (ok) then swapped over the relay and she fired up. Your information as always is very helpful. Again many thanks, Steven.

Hello had a relay pack up on me today for the fuel pump. What ones are the best as a replacement?

Green dye really is snake oil then?

My drive from Kent to Berwick upon Tweed 350 miles one tank of fuel. Not bad for a 4.6

Rimmer used to do an rear anti roll bar

They can be pricey to fix, but what a car to drive. Love it

mad-as wrote:

i went and payed a bill today came out and the rover would not go . turned the key a couple of times up came engine disable , want the f.... is going on . jumped out locked the car unlocked the car put the key in the ignition ,, still bloody nothing no alarms nothing ,started swearing at the dog , bitched for a bit and then noticed it was in drive not park , put it in park fired right up , bloody safety features !!!!
Had that a couple of times.

Just the ends.

They a supposed to be 100% pressure tested. I had them on my 90 and the brakes nice and sharp.

Orkney, my wife said lets go and live on an Island. Have packed my trunks. Will be stopping at Woodhall Spa on the way.

Will have to be home brew, pub would be a ferry ride away in normal times

Moving is classed as essential, bit of a pain with no pubs opening etc. But have packed the stove for hot meals. Don't think new owners of the house I have sold would want us sleeping on the floor. Removal company due on the 24th.

Fitted top box for my next trip.

Changed front pads today, much better braking now less pedal travel. Moving on to sorting poor fuel economy before my move 11.5 mpg at the moment.

Zip ties are great things, have stopped many a rattle over the years.

Welcome Paul, P38's are a lovely car to drive.

I think you should name that garage so we can all avoid it.

I always give p38s a flash, of my lights. 😃

Kent to Orkney two ferry rides, can't wait. Workshop, land and fishing. 58°