The only place for a coil spring is up Zebedee's arse
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Hello have a spot of trouble with my 98 HSE the check engine light is not coming on and she will not start. Any help gratefully received.

How to fix your heated seats maybe of some help in three parts

Got a reading on my nanocom fault 1179 a friend correction at its maximum negative valve, any ideas?

Have ordered new coil pack and leads for my 98 gems. Not much info on changing them is it a long job?

Hello, my fuel consumption is dropping at the moment (12.1mpg) is it possible to test the maf to prove it good or bad one way or the other. If it does need replacing do I stick with genuine parts?

We've been waiting for confirmation from the liquidators on what to do going forward, but we're tired of keeping you in the dark. As some of may you know, we are sad to announce the closure of Britcar UK after 15 years of trading.
Unfortunately, a series of events meant the business, in its current state, is no longer sustainable. As Duncan wanted to retire, we planned to sell the business in 2020 and invested heavily to improve it as advised by the person interested. Unfortunately, COVID then hit and our planned purchase fell through earlier this year. The issue was then compounded by extremely high shipping rates around the world, and a multitude of issues with import duties and taxes after Brexit that led to a decline in international trade.
We believed we could trade out of the situation if we made enough cuts, and indeed were able to yield a slight profit for two months. That is, until the next disaster hit us.
In early October, 2 weeks after Scarlett took over to try and turn the business around, our credit card provider contacted us to inform us that the e-commerce platform we were using had massive security issues and we had 30 working days to launch a whole new website and backend or cease trading.
We had no choice but to opt for an off-the-shelf website and try to modify it to our needs. Scarlett worked alone on this every night and day, and we launched it with over 400,000 products on the 9th of November. However, we immediately experienced issues with processing orders and receiving goods. There was also a limit on the number of redirects we could have, cutting our organic google presence overnight, which made 50% of our sales.
Already being in a precarious position financially, and with these issues compounding the problem, it was evident that we were close to trading insolvently. We made the decision to stop taking payments on 24th November, and shipped out all the parts we had available for customers.
We are so sorry to be letting some of you down. Please apply to Paypal and your credit card companies for a refund. For those who paid by other means, please await further instructions from the liquidator once they have decided the next steps.
One day, when we sort out a new and improved website, we hope to be able to return again but for now, we want to thank you for your custom and support over the years - it made all the difference. Thank you for choosing Britcar UK.

While having the P38 on axle stands yesterday so I could grease her nipples I noticed some slack between the rear prop and the transmission is this normal?

Having had my Clarion radio repaired by Clarion UK it works ok all but the blank screen. I was thinking of replacing the radio but came across the pure highway 400 and wondered if anybody had one or similar and are they any good?

Hello, my 4.6 Gems has make a strange noise from the engine bay. Like a thut thut thut then cuts out, restart and all seems ok. Not sure what to do next? Nanacom not show any faults. MOT due on Friday

10% off battery megastore in May

Hello, when I connect a trailer to my p38 after a minute or two it comes up with rear tail light fault. Thought is was the trailer at first but have tried three now all the same when I disconnect the trailer no issue the rear tail light. Any ideas?

Are you happy with your car insurance?
I will be looking for a new company in the new year, old one charges £30 of any change to the policy including change of address.

Has anyone fitted stc3182 any feed back would be helpful.

Hello had a relay pack up on me today for the fuel pump. What ones are the best as a replacement?

Can anybody point me in the right direction please. Rear lap belt needs replacing, not sure how?
Many thanks if you can help.

Hello, P38 Gems gearbox flexi plate access panel? I have three bolts missing. Does anybody no the part numbers please.

Flexiplate, anybody changed one of these? Is their anything else to change at the same time? Thanks in advance.

The P38's are a heavy beast, looking for brake upgrades that people have tried and work well?

Hello all,
looking for a new battery for my 4.6 Gems any help would be great. Last battery lasted just over a year from Euro car parts.