The only place for a coil spring is up Zebedee's arse
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Took the ferry to Hoy stunning drive looking for Sea Eagles.

£35 each is not a bad price

Thank will do

Hankook is a popular one

10% off battery megastore in May

Thankyou, my new one has side lights but the older ones where just standard trailer board ones. Would it be an idea to change from standard bulbs on the trailer to leds?

Hello, when I connect a trailer to my p38 after a minute or two it comes up with rear tail light fault. Thought is was the trailer at first but have tried three now all the same when I disconnect the trailer no issue the rear tail light. Any ideas?

P38s are the best most comfortable cars.

Happy new year, must be a better one.

Great pictures glad it went well for you.

She looks mint 👍

Are you happy with your car insurance?
I will be looking for a new company in the new year, old one charges £30 of any change to the policy including change of address.

Merry Christmas all, hope the coming year is a better one.

Symes wrote:

The hard bit is my right hand out of action and trying left hand instead ---- don't put fingers in way when replacing a cylinder head ---- maybe tomorrow get my brother to help me he not interested in cars BUT he got both hands working

If I was local I would do it for you. 👍

I use Valvoline VR1 20w-50 have been using it since its rebuild.

Must be canary yellow then?

Allisport one seems to be the best option at the moment I think.

Just time to pop back before Christmas when they are all flat.

Its all in the packaging.

Thanks for clearing that up, getting battery drain where we are staying at the moment. Car was showning -26c this morning was a bit windy last night.