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Jul 03 2018
13 August 2019 - 23:30

Thanks for the tips and advice guys. Yes, I plan on making a fuel stop and topping off once I reach the town near the park area. It’s been awhile since I’ve been to southern Ohio, but from what I remember it’s mostly trees, brush, with the occasional heavy foresty area. It will likely be mostly dirt trails with some rocky and muddy areas. I’m guessing not too much wide open space but I could be wrong since I have not been to this park before. I believe there are several shallow water crossings too.

As far as an EKA code, since mine is NAS, it may not have one from what I’ve read. I think I tried looking up once with the Nanocom but didn’t find anything.

If there is an open area where we’re at, I may take some time to mess with the gearing and the ‘manual to see how they interact - if I can find a safe area to do so. I have browned through my owners manual a bit in the section at the end. I will take a second look for some light reading here again haha.

Would you recommend leaving the front sway bar/anti roll bar connected as it is? I don’t know if disconnecting one end of it gives much gains in articulation? Maybe it’s a dumb question, but figured I’d toss it out there since it was on my mind.

08 September 2019 - 23:08

Well..... I made my first attempt at the trails.... and failed. Right as we were staging up at the campsite, I’m sitting there idling at normal height and “Hissssssssssss” and the left rear sits down on the bump stop. No time to fix right then so I wound up riding passenger with another fellow in a Jeep.

I spent several weeks trying to get things prepped just right - up to and including some shiny new Arnott GenIII springs at all four corners. What a debacle that was. First spring on the left front blew the crimp immediately after install right in my garage. Did the whole song and dance with Arnott for a replacement on that. I get that one installed and while I’m out for a test drive the, right front spring blows its crimp. Arnott being in Florida, and the hurricane last week, can’t do much to get in touch with them. I throw the GenIIs that the truck came with back on the front axle and figure I’ll deal with it all later since I can’t trust the front spring I just replaced. The GenIIIs in the rear still seem fine at this point, besides the stupid design change with these Voss air fittings they’re using now. That’s another issue in itself.

So after finishing the trail run yesterday, I brought spare parts and a fair amount of tools.... I get the left rear up and the spring had blown it’s top crimp. So - these springs have only been on the truck a few weeks and I have blown 3 of the 4 I’ve purchased. I can’t really fault the truck too much since it’s been fine up until I started messing with the GenIII springs. At least I was able to put the old air spring back in and drive home. But.... no trail time for me, sadly....

Time to make yet another call to Arnott this week. Kinda sucks....

10 September 2019 - 00:45

Yeah that’s where I’m at Harv. The basic design with the GenIIIs seems like it should/would offer great benefits.... but the application or construction process seems to have grave issues with longevity and consistency. It’s seems they’re either horrible or fantastic.... not in between. I did get my notice of warranty credit on the first spring today. I had a call in to the rep I was working with and left a message. I missed his call this afternoon so I will try tomorrow. I’d really like to know what is going on over there...

And, actually the Jeep guy was a real pleasure to ride with. He was friends with the guy running the Rover crew, so he had no choice but to be on his best behavior!

I’m gonna see what Arnott is going to do for me here and kinda go from there. Still amazing that the Gen2 springs I bought it with are holding up just fine. I thought those were the ones with huge issues. The date code on one is at least 10 years old.

10 September 2019 - 01:00

And, some photos to illustrate some of the design and/or quality issues I’m running into here....

This is the front spring after installation, prior to inflation. It almost seems to me like the top and bottom sections are not quite “clocked” correctly, causing them to mis-align and twist the bladder. I think this is putting stress on the inflated bladder, causing it to blow the lower crimp apart. The second pic shows the lower portion somewhat wrinkled still, after inflation.

enter image description here

enter image description here

The other issue is that they seem to be no longer using the factory style “collet” fittings for the air hoses. They’ve switched to this screw-in style fitting from a company called Voss. And, now that I’m remembering, the rear GenIII springs I purchased were actually missing these parts. The fitting isn’t so bad to work with on the fronts with the fender shield out of the way. The rears.... well... I’d like to know who’s smart idea this was. Installation is easy as you insert the air line just like the factory fitting. It’s very secure. Problem is, i cant see any good way of removing them as there is not much space between body and frame, and getting a wrench or socket in there with the air line in the way is nigh impossible. Instructions appear to state that you can pull the spring out the bottom to access the line and nit that way but there is hardly any room to work it, particularly the left rear as that line is just long enough (on mine anyway). I am not a fan. Especially after this weekend as it greatly limits serviceability in the field or on the trail....

enter image description here

enter image description here

The top sections did eventually settle in place, allowing the air hoses to straighten out....but still not much room for accessing that stupid nut,