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I've removed the headliner and sunroof to recover both but reinstated the sunroof cartridge only so I can still drive about. I don't think it leaked before, nothing obvious anyway but there was some staining. Anywhoo, we've had persistent rain overnight after a long dry spell and the wife was non to pleased to have water dripping on her lap at 5.30 this morning lol!
Back home after dropping her off and using a torch I can see water between the foam seal and the internal surface of the roof skin. The seal isn't sitting correctly in relation to the rest of it so I guess that's the issue.
Thinking about it further , im not sure water should actually get there unless there was a real heavy downpour that the drains couldn't cope with? All drains were cleared, they weren't blocked anyway tbf and the drain pipes reattached tightly to the cassette stubs, the waters getting in above the stub , nearside front, anyway , passed this foam seal. I assumed this seal was just for draught proofing but now I don't it must be a secondary water seal.
Bit of a bummer because it's heavy and it's got to come out again. Anybody know the part number for this foam seal ? I can't find it listed.

I had me AC regassed by kwikfit 4 weeks ago, working great until I really needed it in the recent heatwave when it's died completely. How can I check if its lost its gas ,at home, or its another issue like something electrical? I have a home compressor. My initial thoughts were to power the ac compressor (2001 dhse) direct ,briefly, with the engine running to see if it then cools but chickened out in case I damaged something. I 'think' I can check for pressure by momentarily depressing one of the valves on the bulkhead? If no pressure or very little could I then pressurise the system with my compressor then spray joints with soapy water to test? But what pressure is safe? Very new to 38's and never had ac before so green with that too, do have a nanocom though!
Thanks a bunch for any advice!

Findings on nanocom when the lights came on were all sensors reading 2.35v except right hand rear which was zero volts. Dmm said 5 volts at all abs sensor plugs. All abs sensors gave a resistance reading of around 1000 ohms iirc (wrote it all down but lost the notes).
So I changed the right hand rear (rhd drivers rear) sensor, £25 island 4x4 one, no difference, nanocom still showed no voltage, lights still on. Next day, fiddling, a new fault popped up on the nano, front left sensor short, resistance reading was still OK so I ordered a cheap sensor off ebay £14 posted, just fitted that and the lights have gone out yay!
Nano shows no faults and , my query, voltage is now present on all 4 sensors?
Why would that be?
Wabco D 2001 diesel .

I'm normally parked on the level at home and other than slight ingress in the boot, the cabin stays bone dry. Yesterday I had to park facing uphill and we had heavy rain during this time, come late last night and I'm off to fetch the wife from work and instantly hear this gurgling sound which progressively got quieter after 5 or so miles, wife opens the door to get in and spots the water on the floor straight away.
So the noise I heard was, I guess, the fan I noticed when changing the pollen filters last summer, churning the rainwater that had got in there and flung it out the foot vent?
The p38 is quite new to me but can anyone confirm my thinking that rainwater in the fan housing can only get there via the pollen filter lid?
It's never leaked in before but this is the first time it's been parked facing uphill which may be a clue..

Not really an issue just wondering really. The RHS (mpg) of the message center is reasonably bright but not as bright as the LHS, as I set off the RHS gets duller until it's unreadable. Next day it's reasonably bright again and so on.
I've no idea what or how this is illuminated but I want to find out what needs fixing if or when I remove the binnicle in the future.

Asking for a friend who has just got a 2001 diesel, the door was dead when he purchased it just a week ago, the seller mentioned it's the out station maybe? Anywho...I'm helping him to fix up some of the minor issues it has, balljoints,exhaust, diesel leak etc but I'm no electrical genius and neither is he!
CDL doesn't work on this driver's door but will lock with the key, window and mirror also dead, nanocom won't work them either, all other doors are ok.
I've suggested we omit all 4 white kick panel plugs to at least take them out of the equation like I've done to mine. All fuses are good. Is there an obvious place to look that maybe feeds power to this door?

I'm Chris and I'm a bloke.
I've had a 110 200tdi for 20yrs but creaky joints are making it painful to drive over any distance so even though I'm scared to death of electronics I got a P38.
Got the first one I saw, stood for 4/5 years after the owner died, it was silver with the black leather and looked very sorry for itself with moss and pine needles stuck in every crevice. Trailered her home and set to. New tyres, exhausts, discs, calipers, pads, track/drag links, drop links, swivel balljoints(they were fun...) Brake pipes from the footwell joiners back, new dampers, waterpump, battery, leak offs, map pipe, egr blanked, all filters and fluids changed, fixed jammed CD changer, fixed sunroof switch using Marty's guide, fixed the water in spare wheel well problem, new boot struts, cleaned out the cooling system and intercooler, removed both bumpers, deskined them to derust and paint, replaced the rusted out tow sockets, cleaned out the fuel tank, new filler hose, new front abs sensors because they had to be destroyed to get the hubs apart, fitted aluminium mesh to the plenum cover, replaced the pollen filters and refaced the covers flat, all replaced with stainless steel screws. Chopped out the white block connectors behind the kick panels, recoloured the bumpers/grill etc black and replaced the desiccant in the dryer.
She ran quiet but lumpy but resetting the modulation cured that, then after many hours of cleaning off moss and pine needles, especially the pine needles, bloody things, off she went for her MOT which she sailed through last November. Got myself a nanocom, never taken a car to be repaired at a garage in my life, no training in mechanics or electric stuff, just tried to figure stuff out as I progressed through life, I would describe myself as a jack of all trades but master of non hahaha!
I'm touching 60 so I won't use LOL or OMG or whatnot.
Married (happy weirdly) two kids and retired .
Live in Telford, Shropshire.
Never seen another P38 round here.
Rangey is a 2001 DHSE 107K on the clock.
Few jobs to do when the weather warms up, headliner and sort out the sticky finish on the consul side cheeks, switch panels etc, replace a couple of dash bulbs, sort out cable runs for my sat nab, dash cam, phone. Oh..it has a parrot hands free too which works. Paid £1500 for her ,probably spent that again on bits.
Like my 110 she is not just a car, she is family.
Big smile on my face.
Have I talked too much?