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Greetings all

Just joined up here after hearing about this forum from Richard G on the RangeRovers.net forum.

I have had a number of Land Rover products in my time, a classic Range Rover LSE, 4.6 Autobiography P38 and now own a series IIA 109" Land Rover, a 1955 series one 86" and a 1997 P38.
Clearly I have joined this forum because of the later 1997 P38 I have recently purchased.

It's a 4.0 litre version with only 80k miles on it and as basic as they came. I think the original buyer (Rover cars at Longbridge) lost the options sheet when placing the order so it really has nothing on it. No sun roof, manual adjust seats, cloth seats, no Air Con, no cruise control, no heated screen, pretty much the vehicle itself is all it came with! A complete opposite to my last Autobiography with it's TV's, Playstation and everything on the options list ticked.

I bought this one from the Facebook market place locally and it has been sitting in the corner of a yard since Summer 2018 when the air suspension failed and the owner gave up on it. I got it pretty cheaply including delivery to my house and have slowly been putting it back together again.
Air suspension was easy, replaced both perished front air springs, new piston seal in the compressor and that is all working again now so I have been doing the brakes, suspension bushes, steering ball joints etc to get it ready for an MOT hopefully not too far away.

Electric windows are my major headache at the minute so sure I will be asking about them and many more questions along the way...