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I'm in search for an alternator, as a spare unit incase my existing decides to go south.
Rimmers of UK offers one at 138 GBP and said to be manufactured by Rotating Machines, UK.

Would like to know your views on this part.


Hi Guys,
Yet another problem.
Today when I first started the car it didn't fire up though kept cranking. After about 3 seperate attempts it fired with a cloud of white smoke. Got onto the road and within seconds came beep beep and gearbox fault. Dash gear indicator vanished and car was moving slowly even with high RPM. Stopped and restarted , things seems okay. But after driving for about 5KMs it came back. Stop & start then back to normal. It happened thrice. Came home and Nanocom says 'Solenoid Power fault' (this is without indash gear box fault) . Tried to clear it , can't.

Can someone tell me whats wrong, please?

Only thing that relates is that yesterday the car was tested for annual emmision testing & the car passed it.
While testing they took the engine upto 3000-3500 RPM, few times.
Gearbox oil level is on high mark and oil does look okay. The battery is good with 12.6V with engine off and around 14 V when engine running.

The TCM connector, 19 provides power to all 4 solenoids (MV1, MV2, TC Lock, Pressure Regulator) and it could be either failure in that line or TCM itself does not provide power.
Measured solenoid resistance;
MV1 = 28.3
MV2 = 28.5
MV3 = 33.5
MV4 = 6.7
Your views please?

Hi all,

I'm experiencing a bit of a tightness in the accelerator. It's hard to press , kind of a mechanical linkage feeling.
It's felt more with AC ON . Wonder what is it as it's a drive by wire system.