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tiv68 wrote:

Hi everyone,
Eventually got round to having time to play and changed out crankshaft sensor while I was doing off side ball joints and track rod.
Now all good doesn’t miss a beat thanks for the advice .

I Doubt it. Crank sensor is located near the starter motor.

If the crank sensor fails. it will scream at about 3000 RPM, until you shut off the engine.
The diesel will start & run without the intank pump. In that case it will crank extra few times before starting and also will be sluggish beyond 80KPH.

Check the connection to 'stop solenoid' for damage and also the solenoid it self. If you have a spare one, change it and see.
Also, check with Nanocom , the ' fuel temperature' and 'fuel quantity current' value when idling (hot engine).

Lot of good info here. Thanks.

What purpose does it serve?

This may fit though its for M21;


Replaced the TCM with a used part from bay-e and works perfect.
Incidently, the thud from D & R too , gone.:LOL::LOL::LOL:

Thanks for the feed back.
I already have a 450W fan, from a BMW 520D car.
If it can cool down the car why not the RR diesel with less power.
I know that the original diesel alternator cannot handle the power needs with AC fully blasting. Hence the need to have a 150A alternator.
Once I get it, will definitely give it a try.

I know this is a bit old thread.
Anyway, I too am looking for this conversion for my diesel and first hurdle is the 105A alternator. I'm trying to get a 150A one just like the V8 and failed with BMW alternator as they are PWM controlled. So must try with RR V8 alternator.

Tell me more about the performance, like say have you tested it with outside temps above 35 / 40 C?
With full AC and blower fans on max setting and idling in traffic etc.

1 is input and 19 output, goes to 4 soleniods.

Well checked power in pins 1 & 19 of TCM.

With IGN ON, 1 has 13.8v and 19 nothing.

Time to replace the TCM , and see.

Correct Richard. Every time I start it, after few seconds it goes to limp mode.
Nanocom gave 'solenoid power fault' and measured resistance of 4 solenoids are in line with standard figures.
Ruled out the battery too.
I'm thinking that it could be TCM fault code 1 where TCM internal relay malfunction.

A new battery (3 weeks old) from a friends car fitted. No change.
Initially no fault after few seconds idling, the gearbox fault re-appaers and dash gear indiactor vanishes.

Thanks Dave, got it.
Checked the earth points and no visible issues.
Must get a good battery from a friend and see .

Must check the earth points.
Anyone has a ATSG manual on 4HP22/24 ?
I'm doubtful of MV4 resitance, compared to others.

Hmm..... can't find anything wrong with the battery or charging.
Battery shows above 12.5v when engine off and stays around 14 V when it's running.

Hi Guys,
Yet another problem.
Today when I first started the car it didn't fire up though kept cranking. After about 3 seperate attempts it fired with a cloud of white smoke. Got onto the road and within seconds came beep beep and gearbox fault. Dash gear indicator vanished and car was moving slowly even with high RPM. Stopped and restarted , things seems okay. But after driving for about 5KMs it came back. Stop & start then back to normal. It happened thrice. Came home and Nanocom says 'Solenoid Power fault' (this is without indash gear box fault) . Tried to clear it , can't.

Can someone tell me whats wrong, please?

Only thing that relates is that yesterday the car was tested for annual emmision testing & the car passed it.
While testing they took the engine upto 3000-3500 RPM, few times.
Gearbox oil level is on high mark and oil does look okay. The battery is good with 12.6V with engine off and around 14 V when engine running.

The TCM connector, 19 provides power to all 4 solenoids (MV1, MV2, TC Lock, Pressure Regulator) and it could be either failure in that line or TCM itself does not provide power.
Measured solenoid resistance;
MV1 = 28.3
MV2 = 28.5
MV3 = 33.5
MV4 = 6.7
Your views please?

Mine is diesel M51. So no worries about ECU and BECM link.
Main fabrications are engine mounts and M57 to ZF plate (avaialble after market I guess), anything else?

Just went throuigh the whole process, fantastic.

How did you get the ECU , BECM and trans ECU to talk to each other.?

Hi Marty,
For some reason, I cant see the pictures.......


As Dave said, they advertised the st. motor as brand new Hella and what I got was refurbished one. To claim the refund I was asked to return the motor. With substantial courier prices from Colombo to UK , it was not financially viable to return the motor.

Second time it was my fault as I took it for granted. thought that OEM means original equipment manufacturer. But it was not so. It was a Britpart VC coupling marked OEM.
But I must agree that they are faster & cheaper compared to others. and ship internationally.
What I do now is to ask the right questions before ordering. For example, EAS PUMP marked Dunlop, when I queried whether they are manufactured in China, and they confirmed. May be Dunlop has a factory in China, but I didn't order. But the pump appear in ebay and with other sellers as Dunlop genuine. at a cheaper price. It could be the same pump that LR sells at a higher price. we won't know.