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May 19 2019
20 May 2019 - 12:11

Hi All,

I stumbled across this forum while doing a general search for information on the Vogue SE as I have just acquired one.

It has some battle scars and needs a good clean inside, I have only had time to wash and polish the outside.

The wheels have been 'refurbished' recently but are the wrong colour.

Pic 1

Pic 2

As a serial P38 collector I will no doubt have lots of tinkering to do with this latest toy!

21 May 2019 - 18:23

Thanks for the replies.

Morat: The strange box is an old radar detector, I haven't had it switched on yet!

Gilbertd: Yes its on LPG, has the OMVL Dream system on it and seems to work well, you can't notice it has changed over. Tank is in the spare wheel well and is 95L just a shame the filler in in the rear quarter and not in the spare towing plug hole on the bumper by the tow-bar which is where I usually have them.

oilmagnet477: I'm not sure if I am OK, if you were to ask She Who Must Be Obeyed then she would say I have an illness! It started many years ago with my first Classic and since then I seem to have always had a couple of Range Rovers on the drive, I don't think we will ever be without one.

SWMBO has the L322 and loves it now but before that she was driving a Mini so didn't get on with it at first due to the size but with two small children now we wouldn't be without it.

First job with this one is get it back on air! The compressor and valve block are still there so I will get them out and refurbish them before I put a set of airbags on and get it working.