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Not entirely sure if this should go under the oily bits of the forum but couldn't see where else to put it.

I've removed the headlining from my car and taken off the covering material then brushed off the old foam. The surface has remained tacky.

Do I need to neutralise the old glue or can I spray new glue over it.

If I need to remove the old glue, what should I use?

All advice gratefully received.

...that could help me by plugging it into my Thor 4.0 P38 that I rescued earlier this year please?

A friend has a Nanocom but it's gone faulty.

I've got it through a MoT and running quite well but would like to put it on a Nanocom to look at, amongst other things, what the issue is with the heater. I'm guessing blend motors but I understand they can be manipulated on the Nanocom to see if they are working before i dive in

Hi everyone, I just acquired a 2001 4.0 HSE P38 as a non runner.

It had stood for 2 years or so but I have managed to get it to start.

It was parked up as the EAS had stopped working and the owner intended to put it onto springs but had lost interest in it.

I'd like to get the EAS up and running and using the very helpful Beginners guide to EAS have established that the thermal cutout in the pump has failed.

Can anyone advise where I can get hold of one please?

I can buy them from Mouser online at about £4 each but it's £12 P&P on top. If I have to but it from them does anyone else want one as a spare aso w ecan split the shipping costs?