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Jan 02 2016
31 October 2017 - 03:43

Thanks for the replies.
No, I've had the rig 2 years and have never jumped it. It sits during the week and I think the battery does not always charge back up all the way (do not suspect any real electrical problems). Was just curious that it would say Airbag Fault when there really is not an Airbag Fault.

It actually did not do that this last week. It's starting to get cooler here in Memphis.

29 October 2017 - 23:30

Hello All,
I had an Airbag Fault message on the Instrument Cluster Display (can't think of the conventional nomenclature at present) and went about unplugging and cleaning and re-plugging sensors. Turned out it was the crash sensor under the battery tray of my 02 RR P38 4.6 HSE LHD. With a contact cleaning, the message went away.

I don't drive the RR except on Friday-Sunday. I started getting the Airbag Fault message again. I'm thinking that if your battery is low (like from sitting), it will cause a trigger for the last fault you actually had, even though it is not really a current fault. It is just a low battery. Any thoughts?

04 November 2017 - 16:43

Thanks for the explanation, Colin. Makes sense. Another week with no error messages. Rig is in really good shape.
Nanocom is financially prohibitive at present.

04 February 2018 - 07:17

Press Cruise Set button and it delays setting and sets at a lower speed. Hose lines are good. Have had the rig c. 3 years and it has always been this way.
Is there a calibration that can be made? Have had 11 BMWs over the years and they always set at exact speed. I may be wrong but there seems to be a BMW influence in my 02 Range Rover P38 HSE, at least the information stalk (mpg, etc.) seems similar.

04 February 2018 - 23:26

Hello All,
Thanks for the input. 4.6 Petro P38A HSE
Will review RAVE and see about adjusting the cables. Superbowl on tonight, then the workweek, so may be a few days before I can get to it.
Thanks again,

10 February 2018 - 23:46

Adjusted throttle cable (the two nuts are 12 mm) and cruise control cable gap (0.5 - 1.5 mm using knurled knob per RAVE) and cruise is much improved. Perhaps with some further tinkering I can say, Works a treat!
Thanks for the help.

03 January 2016 - 00:35

Hello Roger-B,
Put bulb back in, hooked up the Instrument Panel, turned key, no display. Wiggled unit and got a display. NO CHEQUEBOOK/Bookmark!!! Will replace when new bulb comes in. I gave the Pelican Part number previously. The Land Rover part number is STC3869. Pelican Parts was $2.25 + $4.25 shipping (I bought 3). On eBay, one goes for as much as $11 with free shipping from cheaplrparts.
Thanks for your input. Happy New Year!

02 January 2016 - 20:32

Hello All,
I replaced my blend motor trio and now the display on the HEVAC does not light up. All of the other buttons do light up when engaged and seem to be working. The blend motors, I believe, are working. I took out the green-based display bulb/holder and if I wiggled it, there was continuity. When I put it back in, still no display. I previously sent HEVAC unit off to California to be fixed ($200) and display worked. Have ordered bulb/holder (2.0w) part number 62-11-1-375-774-M97, brand is Osram-Sylvania, from Pelican Parts (http://www.pelicanparts.com/) as there are no RRs in breaker yards here in Memphis at present.

There are no green-based bulbs in the speedometer/instrument cluster (black-based are 1.2w and the base is different). Is there another component in the Rangie that has the green-based bulb to substitute for a test of the display in the meantime?

08 January 2016 - 03:46

Bulb came in the mail and I put it in. The Pelican Parts green-based bulb is rounded-over/rectangular, not like the hex shape of the OEM. It's actually a BMW bulb. Nonetheless, it fit the Climate Control Unit. Now it lights up correctly with no Chequebook/Book with Exclamation Point ("Bang" in computer speak) so replacing the blend motors solved that.

I had feared I might have done something to mess up the Climate Control Display. Not so, all is well. Thanks for your help.

31 January 2016 - 00:59

Bought a 2003 LR Discovery (2? II?--not familiar with them) rear view mirror with Home Link & Compass from a breaker yard (for $5--amazing, I know). My Rangie has the Home Link above the driver's door (LHD, looks like a garage door opener clicker--pretty ugly).

Unplugged my 2002 P38A HSE's rear view mirror and plugged in the Disco's (plastic plug-in matched exactly) and the Compass worked (i.e., I left the P38A rear view mirror in situ and plugged the Disco's into it's connector, turned key to position 2). I have never noticed the auto-dim feature on my Rig before. I can't tell you if it worked before or not. It was daytime today when I connected the Disco's up.

The problem is the mount for the Disco mirror to the windscreen. The Disco's 2 tab clip did not match the P38A's (3 tabs). You can unscrew the Torx head screw and prise out the Disco clip to exchange, but the P38's clip has 2 rivets holding it in place. I took my P38A mirror apart and there appears to be a ring circlip holding the ball-socket together. Is this the case?

I thought about drilling out the rivets and drilling a hole to attach the P38A's 3 tabs clip to the Disco setup. I thought about swapping out the ball-socket mountings. Before going further I wanted to check here for advice. I now have my original back together and on the Rig.

One last question: The LR Disco has a step attached underneath the back bumper, a tow hitch, and the electric socket and wiring for a trailer hookup (badly corroded). Will these things match up with my 02 P38A HSE 4.6 LHD?


08 February 2016 - 04:37

Thanks, Roger-B
I didn't buy the hitch parts/step based on your info.

I did get an 03 BMW 325i mirror and used its mounting arm to transplant into the Disco compass mirror assembly so it would fit correctly on the windscreen of my 02 P38A. I had read that using the Disco mount made the mirror sit lower.

The metal collar that secures the ball & socket was more than I could do. I pried it downward and it sprung loose to take apart. I did not have the tools or know-how as to how to put it back on. I found a 96 RR P38A (or it might have been a 96 BMW 5 series--been to several breaker yards lately) mirror and it had a snap ring rather than a collar. I used that snap ring. The mirror stays in place. The wiring plugs matched up (Disco to P38A). I disconnected the Home Link circuit in the Disco mirror housing (left side, separate circuit board) as the P38A has its own Home Link above the driver door. The compass works. As far as I can tell, nothing else has changed. Very sophisticated circuitry inside the mirror--can see why Land Rover dealer would think they could charge $400+ new.

13 December 2016 - 05:26

Hello All,
I found a 2000 P38 in a breaker yard. The doors are locked, the tailgate is open but twisted with sharp edges and too dangerous to enter through. The driver side (LHD) window is down 3/4's. The breaker yard does not allow batteries. There is no key in the Rig. The engine compartment is readily accessible. I climbed in through the driver's side window but getting out was much more difficult. Not good form either.

Is there a way to mechanically unlock the doors without a key and without a battery from outside the vehicle?

Also, is there an emergency escape latch on the tailgate? I read there was in another forum but that was quickly shot down by another member. I can't find it on my 2002 P38A LHD 4.6 HSE Rig. Did not see it in the Owner's Manual or Rave.

15 December 2016 - 06:48

Orangebean & Ferryman, Thank you for your replies,
When I said outside the rig, I meant looking in the driver's door with the window mostly down, The door lock is accessible, it just will not move up or down. It seems to be partway up.

The breaker yard most likely would not have the key. They put the rig out in the yard with hundreds of other makes & models "as is."
I will ask if they have the key anyway next time I go there. The P38 had been stripped a good bit before it ever made it to the yard. I was very disappointed as they e-mailed me the Rangie was there. I was probably the first one to get to it on the yard.

My burled walnut window switch plate is cracked. All I find are the black ones. Also looking for the trailer electrical hookups and a fuse box (to have on hand). Oddly enough, all the electrickery things on my Rig work except for the cigar lighter light.

18 December 2016 - 05:14

Hello All,
Update: Went back to salvage yard today (Pull-A-Part, Memphis). "If the key is not in the car, then we do not have it." This means that since the Rangie is locked with no battery and no key, the only ingress is through the partially opened window.
Getting is no picnic; getting out is the hard part.

23 December 2016 - 05:27

Hello All,
Thanks for all the suggestions. I can't bring myself to deliberately damage the rig, even though I know in 3 months or so it'll be crushed. Going through sunroof would require tearing it up.
Once I climbed inside through the window, there was nothing in or on the rig that I could use. Pretty sure the fuse box would fit my '02 Gilbertd but the R7 fuse looked discolored and I didn't want to take a chance. Ordered a new fuse box from Miami British. $215 and free shipping. Suppose to arrive tomorrow (the 23rd). Happy Holidays & Happy New Year!

24 December 2016 - 00:08

Hello All,
Yes, I am in the States and an American. Memphis, Tennessee is home.

This particular breaker yard does not assist in any way and does not allow cutting tools. The door locks seem to be frozen halfway between locked and unlocked and will not budge.

I received the Fuse Box from Miami British today (4 days early). I put it in and it works a treat. No more Bookmark warning so it must have been the RL7 plug-in. Soldering connection underneath causing Relay to overheat?

30 January 2017 - 03:47

Hello again,
I do not tolerate Fault Codes well. The emissions stuff, I guess, you have to get used to having. Since the Oil Crisis of the 1970's, can't imagine a vehicle without it. Back then, I had a 1969 Buick Skylark convertible that got 12 mpg on the highway. 2002 RR gets about 14.6 mpg combined city/highway. Hoping my recent change of plugs and wires will improve on that. Drove the rig about 25 miles today and it did well with the swapped out Air Hose.

Richard, you have had rigs from America shipped to the United Kingdom?

29 January 2017 - 04:49

Hello All,
Replaced Spark Plugs & HT Leads in my RR and broke the plastic secondary air hose. Have re-coupled it together with heater hose section and electrical tape. That works for now but want it fixed.

Found an intact plastic secondary air hose on a 2000 RR in a breaker yard (the same RR as in another post where the doors were locked--now someone has removed the driver's door completely).

Problem is, the 2000 RR's hose, when connected to the air pump, would then stick almost straight up instead of angling towards the back of the engine to connect to the metal piping. I've thought about heating it up with a hair dryer to re-shape. It would break if forced the way it is. Any thoughts?

29 January 2017 - 16:41

It's the black elbowed plastic "flexible" hose from the SAI Air Pump to Cross Tube (WAH100180). The elbow snaps on the Air Pump with a compression ring release.
Started rig after replacing sparks and HT leads. Ran smoothly except it was louder than it should be. My make-shift heater hose coupling to the plastic hose had come apart. I was stunned at how much air was coming out. This is while the car was running after startup. I will refit it with jubilee clamps unless I can bend the 2000 RR's.

I had thought about inserting a coathanger in it while I heated it up. Another hose is probably a better idea, No10Chris.

JB Weld is a good idea Orangebean. Used that on a cracked valve cover on my 08 BMW 528i and it has held up.

My 02 RR has not had all the electrical gremlins I've read about, Richard. Whoever scavenged (same person who tore off the door?) the 2000 RR in the breaker yard unbolted the Air Pump and moved it to the back corner of the engine bay with both hose ends still attached (the pump end and the cross tube end). That may have caused it to be misshapen. The configuration of the 2000 rig and mine are the same.

Could it be the elbow end swivels? It seems tight, like it is meant to be stationary. I haven't tried to turn it for fear of breaking it. I may get braver over time. A new one, possibly more pliant, can be had for c. $120-179. This seems like a lot of dinero. My wife would say they are "proud" of them.
Pretty day in Memphis. May take some chances today. Thanks for all of the responses.

29 January 2017 - 17:44

I had seen that eBay listing, but it is used. The breaker yard 2000 RR pipe is in as good a nick.

SOLVED: The elbow fitting will rotate! Once past the initial resistance, it turns--without brute force. The 2000's was off 90°. It's on my 02 rig now, oriented correctly, and works a treat. Thanks again for the input.