The only place for a coil spring is up Zebedee's arse
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Virtually ever Rover has earned the 'classic' status in the same way Jaguars have. To me the P38 was the logical successor to the classic first range rover unspoiled like the later models which now look like cartoons or charicatures of the originals.
I like the idea of having the P5b to go with the range rover its really in lots of ways its grandfather.

For those of us who haven't got a problem at the moment (must be at least one of us) but want to say hello.
I live in sunny Gorlstone,I wanted an uncomplicated,reliable and economical vehicle but then thought what the hell and bought a P38. I also have a P5b,ex london taxi,Mk1 transit motorhome and a Rover conniseuer. I'm also young,very good looking and tell lies.