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hi guys

firstly i have to thank all who offered adivce and guidance its much appreciated.
i have now found and fixed the problem.it was a broken rocker shaft on no8 exhaust of all things.

thanks again

hi guys.

plugs are fresh maybe 5-10 mile old


enter image description here

and another

![**enter image description here**](https://i.imgur.com/6wdlhik.jpg "enter image title here")

ok chaps if i have this right there should be a couple pics of the spark plugs from my engine


hi again chaps could any tell me how to post pics please.
have some of the spark plugs to post up.


hi chaps.

quick question,would getting the adaptive values reset help any?if so what should the values be.



hi chaps

little update,as suggested above i have just checked the pressure at the fuel rail it is 20psi with the ignition on and 49psi with the engine started and idling
does this sound right?

thanks again for your help

hi guys, thanks for all the welcomes.

to answer a few of the above questions
there are no air leaks between the maf and throttle body
it doesnt pop while the engine is running and there is no lpg system fitted.
will check the throttle position and crank sensors,if someone could point out how to do this it would be great.

have changed the plug leads today and rescanned it using icarsoft lr2 scanner

it now shows the following codes

1:rough road signal implausable
2:emissions relevent misfire multiple cylinders
3:emissions relevent misfire cyl 8
4:catalyst damaging misfire multiple cylinders
5:catalyst damaging misfire cylinder 8
6:misfire with low/empty fuel

any further help or advice anyone could offer would be of great help and much appreciated



thanks for the welcome,cant wait to get more involved with the forum.
i do have the use of snap on verdict 7 and icarsoft lr2 code readers but if the nanocom is better and someone would be willing to help i'd be more than happy to compensate them.
i am based in thurrock essex


hello my name is luke,have had a 2000 p38 4.6 vogue for around 2 years now and its been great until a week or so ago.
i am after some some guidance/advice and all of you guys seem very knowledgable so thought id ask here as i'm at a bit of a loss.
around a week ago i was pulling out of the turning to my road when i heard a pop not unlike a relay blowing with a loss of power and misfiring.
i put it on a snapon verdict 7 code reader which stated multiple misfires.
to date i have replaced:plugs,coil packs,maf sensor,cats and lambda sensors with no appreciable effect.

the car does start and move but with no throttle response or power whatsoever,the only code i now have is rough road signal implausable.
i believe this is something to do with the abs?if so can this effect the engine and give the symptoms above. as said i am at a bit of a loss at where to look next.any advice /guidance you could give would be much appreciated

thanks for your time