The only place for a coil spring is up Zebedee's arse
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hello my name is luke,have had a 2000 p38 4.6 vogue for around 2 years now and its been great until a week or so ago.
i am after some some guidance/advice and all of you guys seem very knowledgable so thought id ask here as i'm at a bit of a loss.
around a week ago i was pulling out of the turning to my road when i heard a pop not unlike a relay blowing with a loss of power and misfiring.
i put it on a snapon verdict 7 code reader which stated multiple misfires.
to date i have replaced:plugs,coil packs,maf sensor,cats and lambda sensors with no appreciable effect.

the car does start and move but with no throttle response or power whatsoever,the only code i now have is rough road signal implausable.
i believe this is something to do with the abs?if so can this effect the engine and give the symptoms above. as said i am at a bit of a loss at where to look next.any advice /guidance you could give would be much appreciated

thanks for your time