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Being brutally honest, since the new engine was collected and some other parts of the engine were cleaned I've done very little with it.

In Autumn last year I got fed up with a bit of wander in the steering on the other VSE so we ended up replacing every bush underneath it, then I found the exhaust was rotten so that was replaced, there was an axle oil seal leaking so that was done and whilst it was in bits the discs and pads were rusty due to lack of use so they were changed too.

The gearbox oil cooler on my Peugeot 407 Coupe split and filled the gearbox with antifreeze and the cooling system with ATF. I was going to swap the box over but 3.0 HDi gearboxes on those are very hard to come by so I ended up spending weeks flushing the gearbox and cooling system. I ended up using the house on the header tank and just letting it run for hours, and we ended up using over 30 litres of expensive ATF to flush it.

After that I bought a Citroen C6 3.0 HDi in France that had a gearbox fault. After having the box rebuilt I had to do the timing belt on it, the week after I started using it the clutch pulley on the alternator packed in so I had to strip that down again too.

We also had a death in the family just before Christmas which knocked us all off track a bit.

So... the C6's alternator pulley will be finished today and I'd intended to pull the P38 back into the workshop and get it started but the weather is utterly horrendous today. It's at the top of the list of things to get done anyway!


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Bloody hell..

Had your hands full!!

The weather is horrendous here too, not P38 tinkering weather!!