The only place for a coil spring is up Zebedee's arse
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I have been successful with a LH drill bit 2 or 3 times out of 100ish tries. It’s worth the try as you need to drill it for your easy out anyway.

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Been busy on the red one getting a working LPG system in it. It's been a bit slow as I've also been playing with my other toy, a 21 foot powerboat with a 200hp inboard engine, but that's a whole different story. It has had an LPG system on it previously but I doubt it ever worked properly. The tank, a piddly little 70 litre toroidal, was fitted the wrong way round so the pickup was at the front meaning that when getting low on gas and going uphill, it would stop if you put your foot down. A bonus was the tank was over half full but that did make it heavy so I had to lift it with my engine crane to rotate it. I've since arranged with Romanrob to take the tank that he is removing from his but the 70 litre one will do for the time being. The gas feed pipe was 6mm copper, marginal on a P38, and run down the RH side of the car. It appeared that the previous install had all been installed on the RH side of the car, wedged in amongst the fusebox, ECU, coolant reservoir and brake modulator. Quite why when there is an open space on the other side?

I'm putting a single point system in it. Even though it isn't the preferred modern multipoint, it's the same as on mine, I understand how to set them up and I've got spares. I'd previously sorted out the worst soldering I have ever seen in my life at the ECU, tidied that up and added the extra wires I needed for the LPG system. The ECU is fitted and wired, the switch installed and everything ready for the rest of the system.

I was at a memorial for a guy I used to work with yesterday (who, worryingly, was 4 years younger than me) but when I got home decided I'd get stuck in. I'd already fitted the vaporiser and filter/shutoff valve I just needed something to get the gas to them. Ran a new gas feed in using 8mm polypipe, far easier to work with than copper, clipped it all in place and got it connected at both ends. While I was under there, dragged out the old copper feed pipe. So today I picked up 10 feet of heater hose and connected up the coolant hoses, plumbing the vaporiser in series with the heater. Tried powering up the system with power to the shutoff valve disconnected so I could check the unions for leaks. No leaks thankfully.

All that left was the mixer and vapour plumbing. Fitted the mixer, connected the hoses and, after checking everything again, fired it up. On petrol it was still running the same as before, so, with the laptop plugged into the LPG ECU, switched over to gas and it promptly stalled. Started again and managed to get the revs up and at 2,000 rpm it was running smoothly but a bit lean. Adjusted the vaporiser until the mixture corrected and called it a result. Just got to tidy up the wiring and put it in corrugated sleeving.

At this point realised that it's almost ready for an MoT so did a few checks. It needs a pair of wipers, the rear washer reconnecting to stop the screenwash dribbling into the boot from the top of the tailgate and a set of tyres. The newest of the ones on it is dated 2003 and all 4 are perished and cracking. The rears are Pirelli Scorpions which go flat after about 3 days yet the Goodyear Wranglers on the front, despite being noticeably cracked, still hold air. I wouldn't fancy driving any distance on any of them though. Then it can go in for MoT and I'll find out what else it needs......