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I’m looking for a decent set of tyres for the 18” Comets on one of my VSE’s.

Has anybody got any recommendations?

Last time I put tyres on a P38 I fitted Michelin Lattitude Sports but they start to crack fairly quickly.


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I've got Vredestein Quadtrac 5 on mine and they are brilliant in all conditions and have lasted very well too (just over half worn after nearly 50,000 miles). They don't appear to make them in the 255/55 x 18 size you need but they do make the Quadtrac Pro which appears to be very similar. An all season tyre but with the 3 peaks marking and winter tread pattern on the inner edge of the tyre which worked very well in snow in Estonia. Superb in the wet too. About a million times better than the Goodyears I had on before......

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Nexen Rodians on my old bus..

They seem to work well, better than the Goodyear Wranglers on there before..

Wearing well too!

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I've got Maxxis 771 brava A/T on vogue pretty good grip off road and not bad on road either

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I have General Grabber AT - a more road biased AT but still good in all seasons and very quiet indeed. Sadly I've worn the shoulders out with the front end shenanigans and they don't make them any more or I'd get another set in a second. I'll be watching this thread!

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I went for Goodyear Eagle sport last year, I found 60 series tyres were much more readily available and cheaper so guess what I went for... only issue I have found so far is the spare is a swine to wrestle out of the boot. The speedo' is strangely more accurate now.

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Just ordered a set of 5 Grabber AT3s. Not everyone's choice but for me the car is more of a winter car with the odd green lane thrown in.
I will be picking them up fitted to a refurbished set of Mondial wheels on Tuesday they have goodr reviews, better in the wet than I thought.

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I'm fitting a set General Grabber GT XL to my P38 tomorrow - the old Grabber AT's were 2009 vintage and starting to craze on the side-walls.
Fingers crossed they're OK - will be 99.9 % road use, just doddering along max 65mph..........................old git.