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Well, I seem to have pretty much run through all of the possible combinations of parts from 4 compressors to make good ones....
My 2 Frankenstein units are going OK, but I don't trust the stator on one of them.
So, I am going to bite the bullet and buy at least one new unit.
What is the latest bestest compressor to buy? Thomas 327 and retrofit? Viair? which one?
OEM Dunlop branded??
Next question is from where? Anyone got a lead on good pricing?
Rimmer seems to have the lowest on Dunlop even with shipping.....
Any advice is, as always, greatly appreciated!

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Don't buy the Dunlop branded one. They appear identical to the original Thomas (except the pump housing is plain alloy and not painted black) but don't seem to last more than a couple of years. Not sure who makes them but Dunlop certainly don't make compressors. If I needed one I'd go for a used original and budget for a new seal and sleeve.

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Well, That's basically what I have been doing since Day 1 and on through all 6 P-38s that I have had.
Now, I am dealing with commutators that are knackered and cannot be cleaned up any further.
I am afraid that any used one may have the same issues......
PaulP38's page has a Thomas retrofit. Seems like a fair swap, and about the same money for the Thomas 327 as the
"Dunlop" which, is pictured everywhere with a black body and a friendly yellow "Dunlop" sticker.
Didn't know if that was a Thomas or not.