The only place for a coil spring is up Zebedee's arse.
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Dec 30 2015
25 April 2017 - 08:05

Very true. Although I haven't had to crack the engine open yet (or more likey, have the engine cracked open by someone competent), The Duchess has had a fair number of bits changed in the first year. Most of them have been rolling maintainance but a totally collapsed wheel bearing and the failed front diff were definite show stoppers.

02 May 2017 - 08:57

mummy, I'm scared :(

25 April 2017 - 21:44

Yeah - it took me a while to spot it....

Jesus, why????

Actually, what's the real point of 400bhp in a P38? It'll still be slower than a 135i or a Golf R32/Golf R. I think you'd be better off buying an old Bentley if you really want to have a high speed drawing room :)

01 May 2017 - 17:28

Hmmm, logical when you think about it! Thank's Gilbert. I'll see what I can do.

26 April 2017 - 18:39

and with 500 cu in you only need one gear for uphill, one for downhill and one for on the flat :)

02 May 2017 - 11:53

Participants requiring headlinings - 8/9 July
1) Marty - 2 x Original, 1 x Black
2) Smiler - 1 x Original (with Sunroof)
3) Morat - 1 x Original (with Sunroof)

Please copy and add your name and requirements to the list to confirm participation.

01 May 2017 - 18:05

What a mess! but like you say - easy to take apart :)
I hope your diff is OK.

01 May 2017 - 22:35

Yes Please! Interior is Lightstone, closest to OEM please :)
(unless the suede is really nice)

I'll bring the BBQ again, and some extra charcoal. Saturday night and Sunday lunch? Not that I'd want to rule out a pub outing if people would rather....

03 May 2017 - 08:47

Ey up!
Could meet at the Lion Inn as a halfway public house :) I have Nanocom for a Thor if you need it.
Welcome and Cheers

01 May 2017 - 13:52

The Duchess is whining! It's not terrible, but it does sound like it might be expensive later on. Under power, the transmission is very quiet. When coasting, not so much. There's a whine which sounds diff like and is the same whether running straight or turning. The front diff is new/recon and the whine started well after it was replaced. Where should I be looking and is there a way to narrow down the source?
All answers gratefully received :)

01 May 2017 - 21:06

That's.... not something I would have thought of! Thanks Marty :)

04 May 2017 - 07:51

It looks like you've got some fun ahead - but that should be a good car once you've put in a few weekends!

07 May 2017 - 18:08

Latex gloves for the win! (until they split and you end up with one black finger)

07 May 2017 - 18:15

I'd never head of the Tornado chip (being a newbie to Rover V8s). Some pretty startling claims are made - but £385 plus VAT and shipping is a little harsh!

09 February 2018 - 22:39

No, it's sexy 😀 in a weird retro kitsch way.
Not in a 10k way though...and not with the wrong wheels.

08 May 2017 - 17:40

Also, Orangebean likes to lovingly polish everything before it goes back together :)

09 May 2017 - 10:57

One of my O2s was tightened by a gorilla and needed Marty hanging off the bottom of the car for several minutes before it shifted. I'd already wimped out after slipping the spanner off it a couple of times - I didn't want to round it.

The other one popped off just fine.

09 May 2017 - 19:05

Lol, epic is word :) you should be on Roadkill with a noise like that!

15 May 2017 - 12:32

I've had cars dump coolant on me twice, and both times I knew it was happening. Think WW2 Destroyer and Smokescreen.

15 May 2017 - 20:02

Lpgc wrote:
on engines that can have low pinj's (not P38's),


HAH, you're not kidding there :)