The only place for a coil spring is up Zebedee's arse
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Those sound like fascinating projects!! Best of luck making them go :)

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Are lucas as bad as their reputation? I guess I could rebuild the current one and keep it on the shelf next to the EAS pumps 😀 😁

You've got a Lucas and it has died, 'nuff said.....

Fair point... It's a refurbed Lucas and assuming it was fitted the week before I bought the car it has lasted about 5 years. That's not exactly stellar but if I have a spare on the shelf I can probably live with it.

Be wary what you get, the mounting are different from GEMS and Thor, so when someone says it fits P38 94-02, it doesn't, it'll be one or the other. You need ERR5834 (150A) or ERR6413 (130A). The 130A one is a lot cheaper https://www.lrdirect.com/err6413-alternator-pwr (unless you go all posh and get a Bosch....).

Thank you for the part numbers, super helpful. The one I linked has ERR5834 in the description, not that it's a guarantee but I imagine it's a good sign.

NewsFlash :)

The number on the alt is LRA02803 and there's a nice little "remanufactured" sticker on it.

which would make me think it's a 150A Lucas part. Bosch seem to be listing at £350 but there's this on ebay.
Whaddya think?
Are lucas as bad as their reputation? I guess I could rebuild the current one and keep it on the shelf next to the EAS pumps 😀 😁

if we could get 10 people I'd chip in £50 - but I bet it has gone up :(

and now I see that 150 and 120 amp alternators have different brackets. Hmm. I wonder which it had!

Hi folks....
The Duchess doesn't seem to want to leave the garage. The alternator has now died (it was fine when I dropped it off!)
The battery has been charged but the battery light stays on. The garage says it's only charging at 11.1V and a replacement is needed. This is the cheapest I can see and IIRC Denso are OK. What do you reckon?
Thanks once more!

but I though this was quite an interesting review in a "yeah, if I had a spare £80k" kinda way...


Pierre, have you/are you going to fit the lightstone carpets? If not, I might make you an offer. The Duchess is due back from the garage this week and she did get quite mouldy over the winter.

In a perfect world I'd pull the engine, install top hat liners and use unicorn lard to lubricate a set of brand new ARP studs but sadly I'm not in that world yet!
If the driver's side goes, that'll get done on its own too. The engine first started a very slight ticking years ago - in fact Marty noticed it when we (he) did the Heater Matrix. If that was the start of this issue then it took a looong time before it finally blew out the rest of the HG.

It came out of the side, hidden by the manifold as you say.
Hey ho, it's fun until it breaks - then it's extra fun!

Hammerite? EWW! (lol)

OK, some progress to report!
The HG had a nice big hole in the side - luckily the block doesn't appear to have suffered so I'm just getting one side done. I hope this cheaping out doesn't bite me on the arse in a month's time but I gues we'll just have to see.

There's only one "While we're at it" that we're aware of. This metal pipe to the intake is horrible and rusty. It seems to be one of these: https://rimmerbros.com/Item--i-PEQ000030P1 which is available (yay) or I can pay an extra £20 for the Green Oval. I'm tempted to just get the cheap one powdercoated. What do you reckon?

Crusty old pipe!

In other news, the liners pass the fingernail test - so I'm hoping that the worrying ticking noise was just the HG in "pre-failure mode". Unless it was the other bank, of course! :)

Here's hoping

I guess there's a reason Island sell the batteries with a new lid and grommet!

Ahh happy days :) Thanks for the thread resurrection!

Sounds like you do now!!
And if you don't, I bet The Duchess will blow her DSP amp the moment I get her back on the road....

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and still is. You won't find a system in a car that doesn't have it these days.

Well, our youngest car is an 02 so I wouldn't know! :D I thought we'd grown out of it.

Digital Signal Processor/ing
It's a fancy way of applying effects like Theatre, Concert Hall etc. It's like having presets on an equaliser.
Utterly pointless but was all the rage for a while.

and don't obsess about the grab handle recesses. Get the main flat surfaces flat and wrinkle free first. The handles will hold the material to the headboard perfectly well.

Confirming I'm still very happy with the headlining we did!

Thanks Richard. I've asked them for a quote this time - I suspect that'll influence my decision!

Well, this is getting frustrating.

After the garage diagnosed an exhaust manifold I got a second hand one, had it skimmed and they swapped it. No change. So, you guys were right and the garage were wrong. Not a huge surprise there to be honest.

Now I'm in a dilemma. Do I just bring the Duchess home and attempt a DIY? Do I let the garage replace the HeadGasket? Should I do one or both HG?

I've got the parts, I know the machine shop I'd use. How long would a muppet take to do the work?

Got the replacement manifold skimmed yesterday as the flange surface was rough as dogs.