The only place for a coil spring is up Zebedee's arse
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I think you're both right, but the audience here really isn't at the Appliance end of the market. I'm happy to perform minor generic tasks like oil, brakes, filters etc. The bravest I've got on my own was doing the front universal joints on the axles on my Jeep (easy, if time consuming).

Depreciation is the absolute killer, though. Spending £15k in a year on depreciation just strikes me as vanity. For the amount of miles I do it'd probably be cheaper just to use Uber!

Oil/Filter and Pollen Filters.
I just realised the oil had been in for 12k which is a bit embarassing. :(

I'd probably be very happy to drive a Tesla and I was interested enough until I priced one up. Eeek. Now I can't see the point. I just don't do enough miles to save any money. Once I start my new job which is 100% WFH then there will be no point at all! If I was one of those people who leases a car and changes every three years because I can't be seen dead in last year's model... then maybe.

I haven't bothered yet - I can hear the relay firing every time so I assumed it's the pump. Maybe I should swap the relays round before things get expensive!

Yep, definitely time for a new fuel pump :(
If I turn the fans/radio off and wait for the random noises to finish, I can cycle the fuel pump solenoid with the nano until I can actually the hear the fuel pump running (just). Once it is, she starts first time every time and keeps on rocking until the LPG switches in or even for the rest of the journey if the LPG is empty. I guess it's the electric equivalent of a tap on the fuel pump to get 'er going.

So.... Floor hatch or tank drop? :)

Gilbertd wrote:

I was under the impression that it was all new builds from sometime this year had to have an EV charge point, no idea if it has been pushed back or not. I like new builds with good insulation, I'm installing AC systems in peoples new build houses as it gets too hot in the bedrooms as soon as the sun comes out.....

I guess my definition of "Newbuild" is becoming stretched as we've been here for four years now! :)

I'm just a little miffed that my newbuild came with a gas boiler and trad phonelines instead of fibre. At least it's well insulated!

For my money, the first thing is a decent battery. Have you tested yours? can you trickle charge?
If you need a new one, this is the badboy you need: https://www.batterymegastore.co.uk/product/hankook-heavy-duty-commercial-battery-mf31-1000/
Forget Halfords.

I have diagnostics, but not a lot of time. Can you drive your P38 atm?
Good luck!

Sadly, I fear the end of LPG will signal the end of my days running a V8. I'm not complaining as I know deep down that burning outrageous amounts of fossil fuels has to end but.. it's a shame that LPG didn't really make it past all the vested interests in the UK. It's a clean fuel, and basically a byproduct of the rest of the oil and gas industry. Sadly, the only acceptable solutions to pollution involve selling new cars and not retrofitting old ones.

Well, that job sounds like a real bundle of laughs!
Thanks though :)

Thing is, if you're charging at a garage you'll be spending enough time there to probably want to buy something. You can't exactly splash and dash. Of course, most of the time you'll be charging at home so I suspect the number of forecourts will shrink rapidly and leave the ones on motorways and other trunk roads.

Where does the vacuum tube run? I need to replace mine as it has split so many times it's now too short and I think that has caused it to wear on the firewall.
I'd like to tape one end of the new one onto the end of the old one and pull it round but that's a bit of a non started if you can only find one end :D

I don't miss the Antwerp ring!!

Nice little trip that, Richard - well done! :D

My wife drove it - it's her car afterall! She loves it when she's not in a hurry...

Welcome! Richard is dragging people in off the street now? :)

Lol, that's a really good idea thank you. Experience counts!

Awesome stuff! Maybe if you keep the code flexible you'll be able one day to produce a universal unit that will turn a specifc MAF into the MAF of your choice?

:D the LPG is ticking along nicely! I'm way over time for a service though, I've never got a free afternoon these days :( and Simon is flat out.
Asda have got some gas too! 72ppl, which beats the hell out of 99.9 or running on p**l

KCR wrote:

Finally found a set of genuine steel wheels (and a reason for another set of tires, I have to drive through a forrest area with hills and some mud for the next year, would have chosen MT thread, but there's nothing road legal for winter available here in germany :-( )
So I fitted Pirelli Scorpion AT plus ... otherwise I would have chosen the General Grabber MT ... which gave some trust on my offload RR Classic many years (ago).
enter image description here

That looks really nice!

Lpgc wrote:

Does is still struggle to start on a morning if you run it on petrol for a while before turning the engine off? If gas leaks into the inlet manifold when the engine is off then when you come to start it the engine gets petrol and LPG instead of petrol and air, such leak is sometimes caused by a leaking LPG pressure reducer diaphragm or LPG injector.

I suspected that, but I was running on petrol exclusively for a couple of weeks with an empty LPG tank and it didn't change behaviour. If it's LPG related, it's weirder than that :)