The only place for a coil spring is up Zebedee's arse
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That does sound like a good plan...

Is this turning into a final gathering at the workshop? :) Maybe I should bring a BBQ!

I did have a look see, and the terminals look good - but I guess they probably all do from the top.
The fun thing was I could hear a quiet clunk from under the bonnet when tell the fuel pump to run. Maybe the relay itself then? I could keep swapping to isolate the relay but... I'm not a massive fan of disturbing electrics on a P38 :)

Ah well, I'd rather not drop the tank just on the offchance so I'll keep an eye on this.

I'm dragging the family south around that time. I won't be able to be much use but I'd love to drop in a say Hi before you dissappear back to NZ!
Best of luck with the future mate :)

It would be great to see you! I think I still have you number, so will drop you a message once I'm in the UK and we can see what we can work out!

After <mumbles> time faffing on with the Nanocom flicking the fuel pump on/off on cold starts, I finally bothered my arse to swap the fuel pump relay for one of the screen heat relays.
Now it has only been a couple of days and this was always a bit intermittent but she has started first flick of the key ever since cold or warm. Coincidence?

I have a couple that need to be rebuilt...
Is this the best option?

There are ebay specials for £9 but I'd rather do this stuff once each.
Does anyone have any recommendations please?

I left her in Standard overnight, and she was still drivable in the morning. It took a couple of minutes before she came up to full height.
There's something leaking, somewhere but she's driving. I have the X8R kit for the valve block sitting on the shelf. I should probably get on it.

Well, she's standing up again!
new pump, old driver pack/solenoid block. I failed to tighten the blue pipe sufficiently the first time - I wonder if that was the issue when I tried the new pump with the "new" driver/block. Hmm.
I'm goingo to leave here on standard height overnight and see what happens..

Not sure what this green powder is... can't be good?

enter image description here

Well, that was interesting. Both pumps are knackered, the one I just bought is more knackered than the one I took out. I went looking for a set of O Rings and see what pumps I had to refurb. 1 pump in bits with a badly scored bore, one that is in "as removed" condition and one which turned out to be brand new.
So I swapped in the new pump and same results as before. She's still on the bumpstops, even with a brand new pump. The pipes going into the side of the EAS block are all airtight according to a wet finger test so I think there must be a nasty leak somewhere else. Last step for today will be to swap in the original driver pack/solenoid block which did at least get the suspension up to height with a weak pump. Hopefully that'll get her driving again.
There's still an underlying fault somewhere that is causing the rear suspension to collapse in a couple of hours. I'll have to crawl around again, but sod that in this weather! I don't want to regard compressors as a disposable resource....

I did swap the whole kit. Yes, time to test the pump. Will it EVER stop raining? Rugby practice cancelled today due to sodden pitches so I have some time spare today.

I do have a seal kit for the pump, I should look into guess badly knackered my "seconds" are. I think I've got one that is completely toast and maybe one I haven't looked at. Plus the two I swapped over yesterday... Do you have any recommendations on how to bench test a pump?

Hmm, well - the new box went in and while the pump ran and the clever bits talked to the Nanocom, it never raised the car. I suspect the pump isn't great. I ran it for 12 minutes with the boot open and hoped I'd see the car spring up when I shut it. Nope, not a sausage :( I still couldn't feel anything out of the exhaust.

Wow, how much is that worth then? :)
I paid £200 for this one....

I've just stuck my finger over the exhaust hole while the pump was running in the EAS that is fitted - no leak there. I'm wondering what it is that lets the back squat overnight (evenly between both sides) and make it take ages for the suspension to pump up in the morning. EAS does show the "System is losing pressure" warning, which is both blatently obvious and non-specific!

I'll stick this on and see what happens, I'll go through the one that comes off and see if there is anything wrong. Thanks Richard!

HI all,
I thought I'd get a spare set of EAS gubbins so I can rebuild and swap instead of leaving the Duchess sitting on her arse while I build motivation between steps.
So I bought a semi-dodgy looking set (non rebuilt but allegedly tested good) with the intention of swapping it in to see if it's working, then making a decision. If it doesn't work I've a decent shot at a return as it was described as working.
However, the exhaust looks to have been blowing white powder for some time. Assuming this hasn't been used by a Colombian Cartel to make deliveries, I'm guessing this is dessicant from the dryer.
Should I just rip this thing to bits now, or would it be OK to hook it up to the vehicle and see if it works in the current state? I'm slightly concerned about potentially pushing dessicant through the rest of the system.

enter image description here

enter image description here

That is impressive work! Not sure I'm up for all that right now but I salute the dedication :)
I might just drop in some replacement speakers if I can find some

I have always wondered if electric cars were going to be a temporary way to reduce emissions until hydrogen can take over. Volvo are stepping away from polestar and BMW seem to be heading towards hydrogen now.
As Gilbert says, EV are an urban solution. They make a lot of sense in that application at low speed, lots of acceleration from stand still, 0 emissions at the point of use.
Overall, as more of our electricity generation switches away from fossil fuels, we'll be able to waste some capacity on bridging the efficiency gap between EV at 80% and hydrogen at 40% especially if someone works out how to leverage the huge investment on charging infrastructure by installing local H2 production. This would minimise the transport of H2 which is inefficient.

My RF unit is stock as far as I know. As she's a 2001, I guess it's gen2? IIRC the gen3 weren't available until after the production run had finished... not sure.
I'd be interested in a Marty RF unit! although, maybe once I've recovered from Christmas. The next priority is an EAS rebuild! She's squatting at the back, evenly. So I think it's the NRV in the valve block or something that is common to both rear lines at least. The rear bags are two years old.

Hey Marty! Glad to hear you're alive and well!
I also have a 3D printer so if it would help to have some boxes printed in the UK to save on shipping ,let me know?

Hope you're enjoying NZ!

JLImmelman wrote:

Replaced the subwoofer with a more compact and less broken replacement. Audio sounds superb again.

enter image description here

That looks amazing! Would you care to share any details please? I've got two subs with totally knackered cones :(

Thanks Mr G! I'll give that a go.
I need to see if the battery is still sound after another deep discharge :(