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Jun 17 2018
26 June 2018 - 15:18

Weird question time..

My Vogue has an off brand LPG system fitted, offbrand meaning i don't know who made it..

Of course when i come to put the RR on the road in a few yrs i will have the system overhauled.

Will LPG be in your opinions the next best fuel for our thirsty V8s when Electric cars take over?

There doesn't seem to be any hate towards LPG at the moment.

It's apparently a very clean fuel.

Also what do you think will happen to service stations when the number of petrol and diesel cars start to drop?

Will there be dedicated LPG stations i wonder?


22 July 2018 - 18:44

I haven't had the time to start a thread about my beloved P38...

Many people have said it's a waste of my time etc etc but i'm determined to get this P38 upto concours of somewhere near.. Hopefully.. lol

Here are some Pics i took featuring some "upgrades" i added.. lol

The Below Pic was taken just after me and my dad picked her up..

she drove the 45mi ok but i did notice a high pitched whine coming from around the transfer case area
enter image description here

After getting her home i performed a good clean up to asses the bodywork..

It was/is clear that she has spent a large amount of time under a tree because the paintwork was filthy and the sunroof was gummed up with plant sludge..


enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here

She may look ok'ish in the pics but be under no illusion, she requires a full respray to get to a state i'll be happy with...

The previous owner said he had caved in the rear quarter and had it "repaired"

I'm sorry but what stretch of the imagination is this a repair?!

enter image description here

There is also evidence of rear arch rust..

enter image description here

Full of filler!!

27 July 2018 - 10:40

Hello Chaps..

Where about's is the engine identification number?

Cheers H

25 August 2018 - 14:01

Is it possible to replace the rear quarter panels on the P38,,

My NSR quarter is fill of filler and dents..

The corner has been caved in and filled with filler!

enter image description here

enter image description here

I can't even get a strong magnet to stick to the corner!!


29 September 2018 - 17:10

I was fortunate enough to find this forum thanks to Chris PMing me via RR.net..

This place is truely incredible, probably one of the best foums i've been a part of...

Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be that easy to find.

Is there any way we can get the word out??

I've tried to advertise on other forums but they think its spam, and either delete it or ban you.

Also this place seems to be perdominantly P38 based.
RangeRoverP38Pub the No'1 P38 specialist forum he he he Ahem..


17 June 2018 - 13:48

Hello All

I'm Henry!!

17yrs old with a LR sized hole in his life he had to fill

My first car is a 2002 Mini One

but i always fancied a Land rover as a after college side project, with the new emission law that is probably going to be enforced i looked solely at Petrol LR's and RR's

Originally i was looking for a Disco 1 v8 but the styling and rot didn't quite do it for me so i skipped them and started looking at Series landies and older defenders.

However the prices were way too steep.

I kept trawling ebay and It occurred to me how Cheap certain Range Rover were.

My eye was trained on a few

1995 4.0 SE

1998 4.6 HSE

Or 2001 Vogue.

Ofter looking at all of the above i settled on the Vogue.
It seemed like the perfect vehicle.

upon inspection the carpets were soaking. Heater Matrix O-rings probably..

quite a few scratches including a massive Dent in the rear quarter.

125k high or low mileage?

Big battery drain.

She hadn't run for months

and tbh i am/was questioning my sanity

Plenty to get along with

Thanks For Having me..

A few questions

1 She is A late 2001 Vogue and the owner was swearing that the colour Monte Carlo Blue was a one of a kind colour? is it that rare?

2 Are P38 deserving of major restoration like RRC's

3 What is the difference between the Thor 4.6 and the Gems 4.6.

4 What is the difference between the "vogue" and "hse" i have seen many HSE range rovers vastly outspec the same year Vogue so what is in the name?

Finally some Pic's he he he

Bad ones First eh?

The above is a picture from under the rear bumper, the rear bumper mount seems to have rotted off, not ideal i know.

The bumper is being held up by a Ziptie


The interior is a bit of a mess..



She has Satnav..... doesn't work..


This is a Video i just uploaded but it is 10months old.

The first time she started in months.

ran rather well.


Thanks for having me and reading this incredibly long post.


27 February 2019 - 21:09

Find out what number your P38 is from the Vin??

Bear with..

There were 167000 P38 made, roughly, is it possible to find out what number out of those 167k mine is?

Any help truly appreciated,

27 September 2018 - 17:03

Quite an interesting resto of a P38 HSE.


Lovely colour!

25 June 2018 - 17:10

First of all Sorry for the landslide of threads i'm creating lol.


I've been looking through google and it seems RR P38 could be had with some lavish OEM options.

I:E The extra wood i've been really lusting after.

enter image description here

Another few things upgrades are the exterior bits

The Front nudge car and light guards i rather like, also the side steps in my opinion look rather smart.

enter image description here

What do you think?

Are there any other OEM upgrades/addons i should consider?

I've been toying with the idea of colour coding the Front Grille.

my Vogue would look like the link below.

whatya fink?

enter image description here

28 September 2018 - 11:44


Keep finding these reviews on the tinternet.

It looks like the P38 is coming into the spotlight, finally after all these years of being slated..

I wonder if the L322 will go the same way.

24 June 2018 - 13:43

In my opinion, yes it is,

My biggest reason for thinking this..

1 The styling to me is brilliant it is the last of the proper Range Rovers in my eyes, the L322 and beyond looks a bit too bling.

The 38a is just elegant

It's hard to put into words but it's the last Range Rover that has Classic Class and elegance.

enter image description here
The L322 and beyond just look far too PIMP for my liking.

Thats my main reason for thinking it's IN MY OPINION the best RR yet.

31 August 2019 - 19:33

Just discovered my rear core plugs are leaking, ya know the ones that need the gearbox pulling to get at! pfft..

Discovered this Splodge on the TQ inspection plate on the bottom of the bellhousing.

enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here

Also the front main transmission seal is leaking so tbh its defo a box out Job..

While I'm there I might aswell have a play with the engine..

An RPI engine can be had for aroiund 4000 pennies RTR

My Plan is to Pull the 4.6 - rebuild it and throw it in my Discovery 2 as the TD5 is getting a bit long in the tooth.
enter image description here

And put a 5.2 in the P38..

Just thinking out loud.


A 5.2 with forced induction would put out atleast 450hp, that would be fun.

And make a good towcar!

02 March 2019 - 20:11

First of all!

1) why is it necessary for the vehicle to be up to temp before it'll switch?

2) Is there an infrastructure building for the fuel?

3) oh and Range!

What is the best range you've all been able to achieve on LPG?



06 December 2019 - 19:39

Hiya Gents.

I've noticed the seat in my P38 tends to rock back and forth when accelerating and braking.

Which is a tad irritating..

Also the issue only arises when the seat it fully back, if it is further forward on the rails it's fine, at 6'6 having the seat close to the dash really isn't practical, having my knees touching the dash really isn't comfy,

Would getting a pair of pliers on the rails and giving them a squeeze help?

Or is there a bolt that can be tightened?!


Anyone else have this issue?


20 June 2019 - 07:12

This September we will be celebrating the 25th anniversary of our beloved P38..

A model maligned for being "too complicated" the old duchess after a long while is finally being appreciated, a model often bypassed for the L322 and classic.

Often completely ignored, the limelight has finally been passed.

Looking at the iconic bodywork it may not seem like 25 years since the first Range Rover P38a was launched. Taking its unusual name from the number of the building where it was developed at Solihull, the P38a had big boots to fill thanks to its role as successor to the Range Rover Classic.

With its angular bodywork, it looked rather classic from the start, while the front headlamps had become rectangular and housed within an imposing grille, it still looked "classic"

The P38a received mixed reviews, it was a remarkable off-road as we know despite its hefty dimensions and emphasis on refined luxury. The P38a defied the age-old thinking that in order to successfully traverse difficult topography you somehow had to compromise on comfort and features that make day-to-day driving more pleasurable.

Comfort and performance

With the P38a, you could literally climb mountains while kicking back in comfort on the best seats the motoring industry had to offer. Pair that up with air conditioning, an expensive stereo and premium trim you had the perfect off-road vehicle!

The motoring press eagerly lapped up the chance to test the new Range Rover whenever they could. Advertisements showed the P38a driving through a brick wall as if it simply wasn’t there and Land Rover keenly demonstrated their new height-adjustable air suspension, which now came as standard.

Sales were strong, but every now and then, there was a grumble that it wasn’t the original Range Rover, now commonly referred to as the Classic – Land Rover simply took the fact that their initial offering had stolen hearts so effectively, as a compliment, as this affection temporarily blinded some to the technological advances in the P38a.

Unfortunately, the P38a hit some bad press with some electrical niggles, resulting in the model temporarily carrying a somewhat undeserved reputation for poor reliability. However, with some time and patience, the vast majority of those issues are now understood and are able to be remedied with relative ease.

As the P38a gains its classic status, there is a renewed appreciation for its impressive capabilities on and off-road, as well as its remarkable comfort levels and that perceivably charismatic persona.

Now of course I could of posted this in september, but chances are I would of forgotten..

Anyway an early Birthday to our P38's the Best RR by Far ;)

20 June 2019 - 06:41

Just a 'fred dedicated to tracking the price and sale of P38s all over.

Anyone fancy a cheap VSE?

'tis in Lancs.

enter image description here

Been run on a shoestring though, COILS!!

Nice colour this one.


08 September 2019 - 12:58

Aye those round fings 'innit?

Wot are da best 4 the P38 ?

My old bus has Nexen rodians all round i wouldn't rate then at all.

I've been thinking of putting some BFG AT2's on her?

Any good?

She is running 18" comets!

14 January 2020 - 00:01

Do any of my fellow P38 owners undercoat their 'erm...... P38?

I was thinking of doing mine, as she has 0 rust, i'd like to keep it that way.

I have Waxoyl black..


01 March 2020 - 15:48

Next week will be judgement day, whether she passes or fails..

Known faults are...

ABS TC light are intermittent, i believe it is because of a lack of pressure in the ABS system, i will try and leave the pump to run till' it cuts on the day..

Gearbox fault is another the Sport and manual modes don't work and it won't change below 2500rpm so i need to look into that.

Cold start idle is all over the shop, ok when hot..

Exhaust is rough..

etc etc

we'll see!!


12 February 2020 - 23:54

The above name i'm known by on other forums hence the name LOL

I thought i'd document my ownership and "pain" with you gents, coz it is Thursday and i start a horrible day of work tomorra!!

The Story starts in July 2017 just after passing my test my immediate family wanted me to get something frugal cheap to insure and of course, because i was a new driver something "small" and easy to handle!!

I spent hours looking through Ebay - Autotrader - Gumtree etc for a cheap car, however my mind kept creeping back to big saloons and 4x4's as you do when you're daydreaming on the internet.

There were two cars that i kept mulling over

1 was a Green 1987 Jaguar XJ40 3.6 Sovereign

2 Was a cheap Range Rover P38 V8.

Both were in my budget, and weirdly both were insurable,

I was being asked daily on what i was going to look at, and on "the day" i resigned to tell them that I was going to look at a Mini LOL

Anyway the Jaguar was a complete train wreck, far too much work to bring it up to a respectable daily driver and much more to get it looking good!!

So that was a no go and a waste of fuel!!

Next car "p38" was located in Worcestershire a 75mi trip from where i was, me and my co-driver decided to go down there and have a look..

Naturally it was going dark, and in the light of "dusk" it looked "ok"


Anyway it drove fine, sounded fine and had no petrol in it!!

So i shook hands at £cough and we were on our way home!!

The first stop was to a petrol station "naturally" where £145 worth of super unleaded was put into the massive tank

And we drove home, a 70mi trip at an average of 19.7 MPG which wasn't too bad considering!!

Pictures from the trip are AWOL but i do have this one from when I got her home!!

enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here

those will do for the into on this particular money pit..

more to come later....