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Jun 17 2018
17 September 2019 - 15:25

The HP22 should cope with the 4.6.

So long as it isn't driven like a loon everywhere ;)

30 October 2019 - 20:40

My P38 early on in its life had a single point LPG system fitted, according to one of the previous owners it used to backfire through the manifold and ruin the MAFS

I have an intake pipe that has been blown apart, which is odd.

My question is, can you make a Thor V8 run on a single point system?
It ran ok sometimes but not always. Allegedly.

She now has a multipoint system on her.

My other question is.

Is it right for an 84 litre tank to give only 150mi range?

Surely i should be able to get more?

Cheers gents.

31 October 2019 - 18:09

When I drove her it was mainly M5 motorway work.

The LPG system has packed up now.

Needs some work.

Her MAF is in need of a replacement.

The PO said it backfired so bad it blew the intake trunk apart and took the centre out of the MAF lol

31 October 2019 - 19:45


I think she needs a few new things!

31 October 2019 - 23:01

Hiya LPGC it was installed by a place called Profess Autogas, based in Hengoed (15 miles north of Cardiff).

The indicator just flashes on the dash.
I ran it to empty once and it never worked again!

I used to hear an audible click from the tank when it switched over, doesn't do that anymore. Lol.

It has £30 of Gas in it which is annoying lol

31 October 2019 - 23:33



So they're carp?

It is an AC Stag system. Apparently. Lol

31 October 2019 - 23:46

Throttle response was carp MPG was pitiful. And tbh on petrol it was a different engine lol.

So the reputation holds true lol.

02 November 2019 - 20:19

I ran her out of pez once, spluttered into a station.

Brimmed the tank £134 IIRC.

And got 380mi from it.

£50 of Gas would get me 90-150 depending on the cars mood lol

It was cheaper for me to run it on petrol lol.

I'm thinking a complete system refresh a new BRC system perhaps.

I'm not entirely happy with the line routing and wiring TBF.

Wish I hadn't looked lol

01 November 2019 - 15:33

That is interesting.
Thanks both.

The LPG system just quit, no real reason so it's possible it is service related.
Rather odd.

I should note the injectors are in the upper part of the manifold, nowhere near the injectors.

And throttle response was pants above 4k on gas the engine struggled it felt like it had 1/2 the power, on Pez it pulled like a train.

Range as I said above was 150 which was a best for me.
90mi was the worst, lol.

The system if from 2013 so not that old.

I think she's had LPG since new.
Not entirely sure though.

Is it possible to find out when she was registered as a dual fuel?




01 November 2019 - 15:42

Another odd thing is.

She's not registered on the LPG register.

Which is odd, as she's listed as Gas/Bio on the V5 and Gov site.

03 November 2019 - 03:13

No never slogged it upto redline.

What's a Thor supposed to get realistically.

I thought anything above 14mpg was a bonus.

03 November 2019 - 19:46

They're plastic bodied injectors

According to the invoice.

Lpg system is listed as "AC STAG PREMIUM"
The Reducer is OMVL

The installation in 2013 was £1879

In 2015 it had what seemed to be a £704 service.

Bit string imo!!

03 November 2019 - 18:51

It has OMVL Dream injectors.

A 2007 made tank in the boot.

The lines are routed outside the NS chassis rail.

Wiring is iffy..

If I was to replace the system, what is the best one to go for?

03 November 2019 - 21:59


What I get is terrible.

6-8mpg is what I think she averaged on LPG.

16 November 2019 - 15:25

Sprag Clutch A Failure i'm afraid..

Quite common on the HP22 not so on the HP24 but if abused it is possible.

13 August 2018 - 15:50

I've been pouring through some lesser forums ;)

And there are quite a few engine upgrades available.

Mustang Injectors which i think are Bosch Gen III units.

Tornado Chips

Cylinder head porting/polishing

And High lift cams

Are the above upgrades worthwhile?

People have said 300hp is possible with a healthy engine..

They've also said Fuel economy has improved slightly..

Is this to be believed or is it all hearsay?


13 August 2018 - 18:02

She's on the original engine!


I'm not looking at tailing racing cars in my Range Rover lol

Just aiming to give her slightly more grunt. :)

I plan on doing a top end refresh in the future hence the heads and cam queries, just wondering whether its worth "upgrading" while it's apart..


03 November 2018 - 23:01

That is definitely head gasket blowing between cylinder and outside world..

Like this one!


18 December 2019 - 20:51

my 4.6 thor has 125k bought with 118k.

The leccy system let it down first, engine is sweet as a nut..

It has piles of service history.

Original Headgaskets ticks over silently etc

She's had LPG on her since 2003 and with 100k under its belt with LPG it's quite a clean engine.

01 March 2019 - 22:57

My 4.6 Thor starts 60D, quite odd this ;)