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Feb 29 2016
11 March 2016 - 08:26

hi everyone
please could someone tell me how easy it is to change O-rings on heater matrix and what do you have to remove to get too it. also I think one of my blender motors has gone I think.
cheers Steve.

02 May 2017 - 18:42

hi everybody, my trusty gems overheated the other week big time pressurised and blow a hose and as I have a spare engine I thought I would just drop it in. my only problem is I can not get to the bell housing/engine bolts ( the top ones ), I have managed to remove 3 of the bottom ones from underneath the car I cant even see the rest. my question is how do I remove them.
somebody out there must know what to remove to get to them. do I have to do it from the top if so what do I remove to get to them?
hope someone can give me a bit of advise as I love my p38 and want her back on the road asap.
cheers tiv68

09 March 2016 - 23:51

hi tiv68 here
I'm new to this forum, but have been helped before by Gilbertd on another one with my lpg (which is now not working again but that for another day).
I was on the other forum for help with my obd connection and Gilbertd gave me links to rave (which I now have) for wiring diagrams.
I have purchased a nanacom for my p38 1998 4.0l gems. it will connect to eas and air bags but nothing else just says connection error to ecu..
i was told that obd connector could be corroded looked and wire/connector 7 was corroded to the point it came away from socket, so i purchased a new wired socket and soldered it in place, but when i stripped wire 7 back it was black on the copper , i soldered it any way but it still wont connect,
my question is can put a jump wire in from 7 on obd socket to becm. on wiring diagrams i can find on rave it says it goes to pin 8 on becm and to brake abs i think, (i could be totally wrong). where is pin 8 on becm as there are many plugs with more than 8 wires i know they are all different colours but i need help.
spanners and welding no problem but wires!!!!!!! and i don't want to damage anything connecting it wrong.
any help would be greatfuly received.
regards Steve

11 March 2016 - 23:12

hi Steve here again,
I have just been out to my babe and opened tailgate while she was locked, pressed button and tailgate opened and alarm went off then realised I had not pressed fob to unlock car as all doors were still locked..
why would tailgate open when rest of car is locked????
cheers Steve

11 March 2018 - 22:08

hi everyone
I've not been on for a while as she has been running well but today gone down to bump stops got her home already had new stuff for compressor. (cylinder and seals), so all fitted but she still wont rise.
my question is how much pressure should come out of compressor. If I remove pipe I can put my finger over connection when its running but it does blow my finger off fitting.
when I reconnect the pipe and take of the pipe to the air dryer there is very little air coming out (I can put my finger over it no problem and hold it there and no pressure build up ).
is it the compressor or is it the valve block. I have put valves on lines to air bags and pumped up, it has lifted and stayed up so no problem with bags or lines to them.
hope someone can help
cheers tiv68