The only place for a coil spring is up Zebedee's arse.
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You might have plenty of time to work on it before long the way things are going...

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I have in my stable both auto and manual vehicles ... to each its own. In the sense that some cars are just 'right' with a manual, some with an auto.
For a large 4WD like the P38 I would stick to an automatic, it like it was born to have it ....

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Agreed. I loved my manual E30, E39, E46 but the Jeep XJ and the Range Rover P38 are definitely Autos.

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All M62s have junk timing gear. The non-TU can run with a 5HP30 but so can the M60 which is actually a good engine.

side note: throw some k-seal and your cracked wall will probably be fixed for a long time.

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I water glassed the block over a year ago now and that has, for now, sealed it up. The engine is getting tired however, and something is beginning to blow externally by the sounds of it, or possibly into the valley. Haven't had time to investigate - it continues to soldier on for now when needed.