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Jan 07 2016
17 November 2019 - 01:43

I have been busy the last couple of days on interior stuff.
Got a very nicely re done headliner out of an 98 at the breakers (26 Bucks!), and today, swapped it into Bolt.
I have wondered over the years just what the 3 VERY heavy duty welded steel brackets are which attach at the edge of the rear opening up at the top lip.
They have nice colour matched covers with a slot for whatever goes there.
I have never seen these on another P-38. and was debating whether to punch in the 6 additional holes to re attach them.
In the end, I installed them as they really help hold up the back edge of the headliner.
So, why are they there? What accessory was so heavy it needed these 3 serious brackets to hold it up? Mini crane?
I cannot attach a photo at present as camera is elsewhere.....

12 January 2020 - 22:26

Getting ready to place the factory roof rack on the Borrego, and noticed the rubber gaskets are a bit knackered.
I have had a look and cannot seem to find any for sale.......nor the part number for that matter.
Any ideas?

05 February 2016 - 09:24

After spending the last 4+ months in New Zealand, where I drove A clapped out Camry, A totally soulless Bluebird, A miserable Kia, and a super cheepo Honda somethingorother, I am home here in Hawaii for a week. Here, I have a really small Chevy Shitbox of a hatchback Hire car.
For various reasons, I have been through 3 of these Chevy's in 2 days! (The blue one was the worst, only went 2 miles before shitting itself)
Being on an extended trip on the old lifeboat, I closed up shop here, sold the wife's 00 and de registered and stored the 02.
Kept a battery maintainer on it and she fired up instantly, and rose back up to ride height! Magic!

I was invited to to neighbor's house for BBQ and as it is not currently road legal, I "Had" to take the 8 mile back way up the mountain (Mauna Kea) to get there.
Fortunately it is an old sugar cane haul road, and has not been repaired for over 20 years, so it is in really bad shape (Yes!!)
For a quick jaunt up the hill, it was just plain fun with 2 river crossings.

Getting to the point.......RANGE ROVERS ROCK!!!! ('specially P-38's)
It is soooooo nice to drive a real fully capable truck that feels and handles like a velvet tank.
I had almost forgotten this due to the load of tin can trash I have been borrowing, or hiring lately.

I know that you all know this, but I am still having an Adrenalin rush from a very fast descent. Too much fun!
Oh, the Home kill Beef and Beer was epic as well! :)

22 March 2018 - 15:45

Aloha all,
I posted this on the "Other" forum, so sorry if you are seeing it twice......
Looking forward to hearing the difference in brake parts!
Also, Any issues with basic EBC rotors and Ultimax 2 pads?
Here's the link.....

I have been searching for the last week for someone who can sell me rotors that are not Chinese knock offs.
Frustrating experience!
I am about to buy some Brit made EBC rotors and pads for the Borrrego, and came across an interesting question.
The place I am looking (TH Motorsports) lists brake parts as for:
Position: Front
w/ 4 Engine VIN
Position: Front
w/ 6 Engine VIN

Same thing for rears.

The same kit with slightly different part numbers is a bit more $$ for the 6 Vin........

I was under the impression that the brakes were the same from 95-02?
Anycl ue as to what they are concerned with the engine vin for? I assume this is either a Bosh / Gems thing, or a 4.0 / 4.6 thing........
Looking forward to learning something new!

28 January 2020 - 17:40

Looking for some consensus on new shockers for Bolt.
I finally traced a strange thumping noise to LF and RR shocks having worn bushes.
As they are probably original, and I have 155k on it now, I may as well replace all 4.
I have Arnott Gen IIs on it, so no extra height.
What do we like these days for shocks?

02 February 2020 - 23:29

I am in the midst of doing diffs, T-case, and engine services.
I noticed ~after, of course~ that I was sold 75-140 full syn gear oil, and manual calls for 75-90........
155k miles on the beastie, will there be any issue with the wider viscosity range gear oil?
Did a search, and found no answers......(Did not even bother trying on the dark side!)

27 December 2016 - 01:52

Aloha, and G'day,
I am here in Oz helping a mate with his L322.......Fan got unbalanced, and broke the water pump clean off! (td6)
We are looking for the fan, Pump, and while we are at it, some new rad hoses.
I have found some things at land-rover-parts-shop.com, and others at LRDirect.
What I am after is just which parts are to be avoided.....I already know to steer VERY clear of anything from Britparts.
Any others? or ones that are usually good value?
Being NA based in the past, i have not paid enough attention to you UK guys and where you like to shop. Being in Oz now, I am amazed by
the blatant ripping off of the customer that is practiced by some outfits.
So, who should we be shopping from there?
Oh, yea......The LAST thing I would buy myself would be an L322!!!! P-38's RULE!!!

03 August 2019 - 01:36

I sold all my parts cars to a mate in Hawaii when I started wandering on the boat......Now I need a Transfer case for the Borrego (Machine gun syndrome)
The 1995 car has had the Tcase pulled and left in the back when he sold the trans out of it. Becm is gone as well, so shutting the back was a bad idea.
He is happy to ship me the Case, (Free!) but I have to tell him how to open the back........
I know you can apply power to the rear hatch switch and solenoid via the RH door.....The door cards are all off on this one, so easy access to all wiring.
So....Probably Richard or Marty........Where does he apply power to open the rear?

04 September 2019 - 00:47

On a roadtrip to So California ........
just had an event at petrol station. The shifter was locked in park.
I was able to convince it to work, but now fear it may play up with wife driving.
the other side had a recent thread on best way to disable the interlock......now sadly missing.
In a nutshell, what is the best way to get going again when this happens?
I know it is an electrical issue rather than mechanical. The message center said lh brake light bulb failure at the time it happened.
possibly the becm got confused?

05 September 2019 - 23:53

I just got back from the breakers with a radio, dsp, climate control, and a Gps head unit. A good haul.
The radio is from an 02, and is for a mate in Hawaii.
I have the vin from the donor car, so what is the best way to get the code?
I seem to recall a thread about this on .net, but cannot find it now.