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Out of the 5 UK Linleys how many remain and apart from the Dunsfold one where are they?

After 15 years I'm still learning about my P38. I'd always presumed my bump stops were bolted on and had always dreaded the thought of the day of unscrewing a rusted, seized in bolt. Well that day finally came today when replacing my airbags for the second time during my ownership. I finally bit the built and attempted to remove one only to find they just push on, how simple. In my enthusiasm I ripped the remains off with the thought "they can't be much more than a few £s for a set of 4" How I was wrong, £10 + each, come on LR even for you that seems steep. Are the aftermarket ones any good, what do you recommend and where from? Are they generic to any other model / manufacturer?

Dear All, I was wondering if someone could give me an in-depth guide and parts required to fitting a non return valve into my Diesel fuel system. When I leave my car standing for a while I'm struggling to start it. Good battery, new glow plugs but just not firing up. I've heard it mentioned before about doing this mod. Many thanks.

My 4.6 petrol gems has just failed it's MOT. Main issue - Exhaust carbon monoxide content after 2nd fast idle exceeds default limits ( (b)) The exhaust is in poor condition and been patched and bodged all over but apparently not leaking. Car not driven for a year. Where should I start? Cheap fixes first please.

Years ago I questioned if only 20 out of the 100 UK H&Hs had TVs. Since then I've been building a register. As of today I believe I've tracked all 20 down. (I've based my evidence on the correct VHS players in the centre console, correct TVs with leather surrounds and correct remote controls and headphones) not aftermarket systems. On my register I've only located 31 H&H in total. So I still question the '20' figure. I've cross checked my vehicals with their original registration date, mileages etc etc. If you have one with TVs feel free to private message and I'll see what information I have on yours.

Dear All, My Lightstone leather is worn on my steering wheel and needs 'dying'. I have spoken with Furniture Clinic who say I need a colour code? They think it may be 'SMK'? Has anyone else purchased a kit and who from? What colour code did you use? What was the end result and has it lasted?

I've owned my trusty diesel for many years, 125k on the clock, full history etc etc Its never been a great starter and I always have to wait the full cycle for the glow plugs before even attempting to start, I always thought this was just the way they are. I've got a hot start kit, replaced the glow plugs every few years, had the injectors reconditioned etc. Anyway went to look at a £400 spares or repair high mileage abused wreck with well over 200k on clock, and overheating problem. Anyway it stated like a dream every time, no need for glow plug light to go out it just started and even sounded better than mine. Why's this wreck starting so much better than mine? What would you guys suggest I replaced first?

Could as anyone recommend the cheapest option for me to get the radio code for a Clarion Diversity Radio or even better the cheapest software to allow me to decode it myself. On a separate note I'm still trying to figure out how to permanently delete the code function from these radios but still no joy, any ideas?

Both my H&H and Vogue 50 have their factory TV systems but both are still analogue. Does anyone know how I can convert them to digital whilst still retaining the 'factory look' and VHS players.

Ok, so I started my 4.6 gems up after circa 8 years of standing still and instantly oil started spraying out of gearbox dipstick. I turned engine off and checked gearbox oil level and it appeared correct. Any thoughts?

Does anyone know how to delete the code function on the Clarion Diversity Radio (I have the code). I know it can be done and presume it's similar to the later Alpine radios where you just have to press certain buttons in a certain order in conjunction with entering your code.

Trying to get my Vogue 50 started after many years (4.6gems). Turns over fine but no fuel getting to fuel rail (Schrader valve pushed and no fuel / pressure). Disconnected fuel pipe at bulkhead, nothing). Fuse checked and fine, relay checked and working fine. Inertia switch checked and power going to it. The question is how far back can I test the system before having to cut a hole in the floor? I haven't checked the fuel filter as it looks original and I don't want to damage threads. Are there any other obviouse checks? 'Working fine when parked up" LPG system fitted and 'petrol' selected. Plenty of fresh fuel in tank. No obviouse sound from pump but can you actually hear it from inside?

I have a genuine RR Vogue 50 Carin (one of only 30 made with sat Nav) and one of only 85 made in total. It has a genuine 81k on the clock (probably the lowest mileage one in the country) sadly it has not been driven for many years, but is complete and only coved 5 miles since last MOT. I'm looking to sell it if anyone is interested. Please message me if you are interested.

Does anyone remember the Crime Watch that aired around 2000 regarding a hit and run in London and a Vogue 50 driven by a Russian Oligarch? I'm sure this used to be on YouTube but I can't find it anymore? Like my H&H register I'm trying to build a Vogue 50 register.

My automatic gearbox will not pull away in D but will manually in 1st and you can gather momentum and shift all the way up to Drive eventually. I self diagnosed this as a blown gearbox? Am I correct? Problem is I've now purchased a donar vehical which drives fine until you put it into low ratio and then it vibrates and just doesn't sound good when you gather any speed / revs whatsoever. Could this be the transfer box? Between the two faulty vehicals could I make one good? Any help would be appreciated.

I've got a late 2000 P38 with factory fitted sat Nav. The system works fine with maps loading correctly and all functions working well except for the GPS input. It always defaults me 100 miles away. If I go into the 'hidden menu' by selecting settings and then holding the menu button down for 10 seconds my sensor check indicates 0 satelites and reception interference. Has anyone experienced this before. I believe the GPS sensor is in the scuttle panel, but where does this then feed into? The GPS screen or the CD unit in the boot? Are there any other parts or just these three main components? Any help would be appreciated.

I’m looking for some tips on replacing my headlining material. Over the years I’ve replaced 4 but still never mastered the technique in the dips. I have always used foam backed material from AS-trim. The areas I just can’t master is in the grab handles and around the sun visors. I’ve even tried cutting the material by the rear lights etc to alow more stretch in the dips. Although they always look good I’ve never managed to get that factory look. Any experts out there with some advise?

Does any one know how many UK Holland & Holland’s were actually produced? Yes yes I’ve heard 100 for the UK market of which 20 had TVs. However if you look on ‘how many left’ it indicates that only 53 were actually registered in the UK of which 25 are still on the road and 16 SORN. Also whenever they come up for sale they always seem to have TVs. I’ve managed to track down the numberplates of 21 UK H&Hs and am trying to build up my own register of them. Any help it tracking down details of UK ones would be appreciated, including scrapped ones. Tks H&H