The only place for a coil spring is up Zebedee's arse
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When you turn on the key, the pump should run for about 3 seconds to pressurise the system./ Try turning it on and waiting a few seconds before cranking.

Well done you!

Set of plugs and Magnacor leads.

I have printed a couple of dave3d's ones, they work well. The only note is that you potentially have a lot of weight hanging on the little plastic ledge. But happy with the result.

I might just take you up on that Craig. I fancy a rebuild project. I has been a long time since I have been elbows deep rebuilding a Rover V8 (as opposed to a traction engine, now finished!).

I got given a running P38, two years later my brother is still using it as a daily driver.

You can only ask, but generally the rule is there is no warranty on warranty. i.e. if it is 12 months and something is replaced under warranty in that 12 months, then the clock doesn't start again.

Mind you, if you are in Australia then it would definitely be worth trying as an item has to be fit for purpose and perform and last as your average person in the street would expect. Repair, Replace, Refund.

I’d have thought that was a lot of money for a boat anchor.

Different cam sensor hole dimension? Also was there a change to metric threads with the Thor, i.e. the cam sensor plate bolt and some WP bolts will need to be replaced?

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In addition, as the accumulator gets tired, it takes more fluid to compress the balloon inside.

Sounds like a fuel flow issue to me. In tank pump or fuel filter.

The manual and auto boxes are basically identical in ratio. So M5 = A4 and M4 = A3. In my auto, 2500 RPM = 110 kph (70 mph) with the TC locked. Your manual would be doing the same. so 30 mph in 5th would be 3/7 x 2500. 30 mph in 4th would be 3/7 x 4.3/3.15 x 2500.

In theory they shouldn’t run without a MAF. The engine should start, run up to 500 rpm and then stop.

Hi Bolt, yes, the bar graph went to max as well, so as Sloth says, I might start with the rotary switch contacts.

So, up early, leaving home at 5:30 to be somewhere else by 7:00. Lovely morning, cruising up the freeway, AC off but the blowers on about three squares, just to circulate a little air. Suddenly, about 45 minutes in, the blowers, of their own volition, crank up to High. I turn the knob down, back to three squares, the blowers obey, and we are all good for the rest of the day!


I can supply new front indicators complete for a classic PRC5575 but they are AUD $175 plus postage to you, if that is of any use.

Sounds like you have done everything up to the evaporator. Do you know what condition it is in, with its attendant connections?

Merry Christmas one and all.