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Aug 05 2019
17 July 2020 - 04:43

I got a phone call from a mechanic who does some work for me from time to time, asking if I needed any spare parts. Anyway, the long and the short of it is that I drove the spare parts home, complete with a 12 month MOT (as you guys in the UK would understand it), everything working except the cruise, even the EAS works fine. Cost, (as is typical in this country) a case of beer. Paintwork is shot from sitting in the sun, but nice and straight, interior is good and complete.

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14 October 2019 - 19:03

Hi all,

Looking at the parts book I see that there is a single part number for fuel injectors for all P38 models, regardless of GEMS or Bosch. ERR6600. However I note on other sources these broken down into early (ERR722 for GEMS) and late (ERR6600 for Bosch).

My question is, are they in fact interchangeable? Do I take the parts book at face value, or should I find ERR722 for my GEMS and not grab the ERR6600 which is more readily available.


27 October 2019 - 07:48

Forgive me .... but also posted on the "Dark Side" :)

My 1997 (98MY) 4.6 GEMS has always run like a Swiss watch. Last Friday, 38 degrees (100F) outside, go for a run, pull up and all of a sudden she has this rattle at idle. It is worse when in gear as opposed to in neutral. It really isn't a tick, more a clack and sounds for all the world like it is coming from the LH Cat.

I have had the screwdriver to the ear as can report there is definitely a solid "tick" coming from the cat, and can follow this up to the manifold, where it is also audible, maybe as loud, maybe not.

Now, it goes away over say 1000 RPM. It isn't always there. When it is, it is LOUD. Sometimes it might not be there at cold start, and then again it might not. Sometimes when hot and the oil is thin, but sometimes not. It sounds for all the world like a dodgy lifter, but using a stethoscope on the rocker covers, well they are quiet, whether the noise if present or not. I can't detect anything by putting the stethoscope on the head either.

So the noise .... it sounds mechanical, it seems to be coming from the LH cat. It is regular, like it is associated with a single cylinder, a regular clack, clack, clack as I said like a lifter.

So at the moment I'm lost.

I'm not sure it is mechanical.

Points for consideration. Temp is rock solid, mid gauge and always is, only ever drops on a long downhill run, water level never moves, on the mid seam mark of the expansion bottle hot or cold, no oil consumption, oil nice and clean, no blow by and no evidence of water contamination in the oil, i.e. the oil filler cap is dry and clean, 140k km 90k miles. Never had a noise of any sort until a couple of days ago.

18 July 2020 - 22:43


A quick question regarding IAT. Hooking up my Nano an going through the various screens I see there are two showing IAT. One is under the Instruments page and the other under the GEMS ECU page.

The instrument page always shows the IAT to be somewhere around what you might expect to see (eg it was about 16 outside, engine running and the IAT was about 20, given the warmth of the engine bay, rising to 30 when engine off for a few minutes), whereas the ECU page always shows the IAT at very minimal levels (same day it was -2, which I can assure you it never gets to in Sydney).

I’m not concerned at this point as to the accuracy of the reading, but more the difference shown, using the Nano, which must (does it) get its base information from the IAT sensor. Anyone else get this sort of thing on this or other Nano menus?

I know the Nano is straight out wrong on certain sections (says mine is a 4.0 manual, whereas a proper test book shows 4.6 auto, nano shows UK police setting selected whereas test book shown non police) but I was interested in this difference. I’m off to send a note to the Nano guys and see if I get a response.

04 September 2020 - 07:11

Guys, can anyone advise on the hex size for the starter bolts? Looking at them I'd say 8mm or 10mm but as I need to buy a hex socket, I thought I'd ask ......