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Desperate moments!! Before I take out a second mortgage and purchase a set for a one time use, does anyone have set that will fit 20" wheels laying around? I really don't want to buy a set that I will only 'use' once. I'm going back to Italy for Xmas and need to carry them down in the Alps.

As I am meandering down to Sicily in the next couple of months, SWMBO offered to pay for a new disc for me as quite often my disc has me 'going off road'. So I looked at the site my system told me to go to for updates ...................... then rang LR at Market Rasen. It would seem the latest disc made for my car is 2011-12 and the cost of this 6 year old disc??? 170 sodding quid!!! After 2012 LR changed over to SCDs and then USBs so basically they don't make a disc anymore.
Now I am far from mean but fukk that, no way am I paying £170 for something that is 6 yrs old .............. it will still have me going through fields, I expect.
Now over 18 months ago, I am sure someone on here said they had a disc for free, just the postage, but for the life of me I can't remember who. I know I sent my details but it just never materialised. Does that person still have a disc for sale a darned sight cheaper than £170?

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Ooooooooooooooooooh. it worked!!! Think the pic is a bit large though. Any tips??

Due to circumstances beyond my control, the Wee Beastie is still sat outside my front door which is making me really popular with the neighbours having 2 RR's sat in our small courtyard.
It is a 01 4.6 Vogue running on petrol alone. It sailed through its MOT in March with no advisaries. Only work that needs doing is 2 new rocker cover gaskets as they are weeping and in time, will need a new alternator as the bearings are starting to sing. A/C works perfectly, no warnings on the hevac. I suppose a service wouldn't go amiss.
All I am asking for this is £1500 as I want it to go to a good home and didn't want to PX it (where I could have got more) and have a muppet who doesn't understand these cars buy it.
Any one that knows someone looking for one of these or fancies it themselves, give me a call on 07814 245548.

As a couple of you know, I fully intended to change the Wee Beastie in the very near future. I need to spend some money and I decided this was the best way to do it. Then I had a thought ........... why spend 12-15k on a newer RR when I could spend a third of that and do this one up to the nines. Engine recon and get the engine bay all cleaned up, new SS exhaust etc. The rest of the car is immaculate and has NO rust.

So today, I took it for its MOT. Was chatting to the tester and he informed me I would be mad to sell it. GRRRRRRRRR. He reckons the engine is as sweet as a nut and doesn't need reconning!! Needless to say, it passed with flying colours and NO advisories. As far as I can see, it needs 3 jobs doing in the near future. A new alternator as the bearings are just starting to sing, new rocker cover gaskets as they are weeping a tad and a new compressor (it is still running with Richards little jump wire on it).
I am at a loss what to do now ..... do I sell or do I change. If I do change, I shall be offering it on here first as this beastie really needs to stay in the '38 family' and not go to px. I have offered it to a couple of people .......... one said no cos it didn't have LPG. If I do sell, this is going to be the bargain of the decade as I am going to ask a pittance for it.
Even if you don't want it, do you know someone that wants a damned good 38 for peanuts?

I had the misfortune to catch this bug that has been going about on NYE. Since then, I have felt like shit and narrowly avoided hospital again.
Hence the Beast has sat outside the house since NYE.........I think it has been driven three times since then. I used it last Sunday and on the way home, took it for a twenty mile run just to air its lungs. I got home, parked and locked as usual and went indoors.
I went out today for the first time since Sunday (this illness kills me at times) and went to the car to go to the quacks. As I approached, I hit the fob and noted nothing happened except the drivers door unlocked. Strange, thought I. I opened the door and wondered what was wrong. Is it a flat battery? I put the key in the ignition and there was absolutely nothing. It was as if the car didn't have a battery connected. I checked all the switches wondering if I had left any interior lights or the sidelights on. Nope.
Luckily I carry a set of leads and knocked on my neighbours door. We hooked the Beast up and boom .... all the dash lights came on and she started straight away. Hmmmmm, so off I trot to the quacks and backed into a parking spot in case I needed to jump it again. I came out and she fired straight away but I got a dash message I hadn't seen before, "Traction Failure". I drove down to my sisters, parked again and as I turned it off, the message came up again.
I spent two hours in my sisters and came out wondering if she would start. She did without the bat of an eye and there was no message. I stopped another twice before finally coming home and she has been perfectly behaved ever since leaving my sisters. On one of my stops on the way home, I did the "is my becm going to sleep" test. I sat there and after approx two or three minutes the little red light on the gearshift went out so it's going to sleep.
Now I know this is a damned good battery and less than a year old. So what the hell could have caused it to go flat? It has been parked in its usual spot so it can't be that. I shall go out tomorrow (Friday) and see if she starts but tis a mystery to me.

Cos I have two lovely jobs that need doing :o))

Unfortunately, after a short illness, my father died recently. I have now discovered I shall be rather well off in the not too distant future.
So my question ................ do I keep my P38 which is a lovely motor or take a chance and upgrade (again) to a L322.
Will I have to relinquish my membership on here if I go the 322 route?
I love the one I have and the V8 rumble but am thinking of a TDV8 ...... bloody decisions.
The last 322 was a nice motor and drove superb but starting developing electrical problems so I got shot rather sharpish.

So having carefully driven around all week with an EAS soft fault whilst waiting for new rear bags to arrive, yesterday I hit a pothole and bang, it went into hard fault. I heard the rear bag go.
So today, I have just had the new bags fitted and it is still in hard fault mode. I have raised the back end and disconnected the battery to do a 'hard reset' as suggested by my local 4x4 shop but to no avail. Any suggestions?? Gilbert has offered to do the job for me but is unable to get to me until next week and due to health shite and location, I really need the Beast for mobility.

Another on sneaks in from across the road :o)

Thanks for the invite, Gilbert