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If I use Nano to look for a misfire, do I do it with the engine running or look for historical readings?


Hi All,

I currently have NGK plugs fitted.

Is there any benefit from changing them?

Hi All,

Good things come in twos .... my LPG installer now has a 1996 GEMS to do.

Does any good soul have any photos of a GEMS installation I could show him to help?

You will be pleased to know that I have finally booked the car in for its LPG conversion. LPG is one third the price of petrol here.

I went to see the LPG man yesterday armed with info and pictures from this forum and from Richard (thanks) and we had a meaningful exchange in a mixture of Portuguese and English.

Hopefully he will cut through the Thor inlet manifold to run the pipes ....

Stuff that you always wanted but were afraid to ask but might be cheaper in quantity ..... I'll start:

  1. The latest version of the unlocking electronic receiver thingy

Any more?

Hi All,

Is the forum by invite only?

I'd like to invite someone.


Hello All,

I'd like to have a portable 12 V supply for testing and to run my air compressor (for tyres .... 40 Amp).

I'd thought of a cheapo lead acid battery with a cut out ...... is there a better way?

Hi All,

Two things ... how to post photos, and, I have a lot of stuff saved over the years from various web sites explaining how to.

I could share this, but how to do it?

Hi All,

Nanocom is reporting an intermittent fault on the ECU cooling fan. I guess it used to be turning most of the time in Dubai.

I haven't looked in RAVE yet, but has anyone changed or repaired one?

Thanks to another member here, I fitted a GROM BT3 adaptor to the Alpine head unit today.

Took it slowly and it went really well and I didn't manage to break anything.

The bonus is the sound quality .... I couldn't believe it would sound so good playing mp3 from my Android phone.

I have also downloaded Neuron music player fro Android which claims to access the dac in the phone directly and also do some other nice audio tricks.

Now to fit a tablet in the dash if I can sneak it past the War Department!

Hi All,

I've put one of these on eBay but will happily dispose of it here.



Hi All,

I'm toying with the idea of a 7 inch tablet for music and navigation.

I don't think I want to cut the dash up yet, so is there a mounting that will hold it over the cubby hole next to the clock?

Any ideas welcome.

Hi All,

My turn.

The a/c started to fail just as we left Dubai last year, so I knew it had a leak.

Dealer here re-gassed it and subsequently replaced one hose and the heat exchanger in front.

Thankfully not the one in the dashboard.

It seems ok (not really hot here yet), but I can hear are "whooshing" sound behind the dash when the compressor starts.

AND, the electric fans come on after a minute or so of starting the engine ..... never did this before even in 50 degree heat.

What on earth have they done?

I did this yesterday ... front left hand side, LHD. (thanks, Marty).

I was astonished that it was so easy. All I had to do was detach the horizontal cabling to allow the lock to be manoeuvred out of the door.

Hardest bit was remembering which rod did what!

Oh, an then repairing the door card which had been manhandled a bit.

Hi All,

Had the system gassed up two weeks ago and all the gas is gone.

They added a coloured tracer dye.

I'm going to have a look myself now for any sign of leaks before I take it back to them (it is the dealer ....).

To be sure that it is the evaporator, do I just eliminate leaks from everywhere else?

Hi All,

Hope this is ok.

I have a Faultmate (the small one without the screen) that is spotless and has two P38 Licences (although they are VIN locked).

Time to dispose of it.

Thought I'd ask here before offering elsewhere.


Hi All,

I have a couple of spare clocks I'd like to test.

The connection is by two spade terminals arranged in a "T" .... is the vertical leg the positive one?

Hi All,

No warning at all, just a very faint click and the three amigos came on.

Pedal almost to the floor .....

Hose failure between pump and ABS modulator but the pump had the good sense not to keep running and didn't spray fluid from the leaking hose over the exhaust manifold.

New hose and all OK now.

Hi All,

I have now restored the power feed to the GROM box with always on so that it remembers where it was in the music.

I also thought to feed the Bluetooth receiver from the ignition feed so that it is off with the engine as I think the Blue tooth takes a fair bit of power (it certainly has a long range).

However, the Bluetooth receiver needs 5 Volts which it gets from the GROM box, not 12, so do I install an ignition switched relay to control the 5 V feed from the GROM box?