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OK folks I'm a bit stumped I've got 2000 2.5td p38
enter image description here
get this going to alternator enter image description here
and this is amperage to the starter all while ticking over BeCM is sleeping when turned off
admittedly I've got a leak on fuel injection pump that is letting air creep in the system when left standing
when I go to turn it over she big sluggish starting if leave the truck standing for few days and go to start it more like I've got flat battery if put jump leads on it fires up better
would anyone have a idea it would be

I've got headlamp wipers on my 2000 2.5td but I can't find the switch to turn them on or off do are they ment to come on when you use the wipers

hi I've fitted a after market Bluetooth stereo to my 2000 2.5td p38 when you turn the key on to start the radio turns on but don't power down when turned off you have to power down manually
when I fitted the radio I used a wire block connector so didn't have to cut and join no wires on the range rover I was just wondering if anyone knows how to set it so when turn key off the radio turns off as it was on the other day and has made battery drain flat

hi newbie here is there anyone who's changed the o rings on a fuel pump and can they be changed with out removing the pump thanks