The only place for a coil spring is up Zebedee's arse
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(https://postimg.cc/y308LLkB "enter image title here")
any one be interested in these before they go to local dump they came out of a off roading p38 I never got round to fitting them in mine they do not have the SRS wires in the base so out of a older model

hi guys I've just purchased a new blank key blade a fob as my old one the buttons have worn through
I know the old case is glued together I just wondering if you lovely chaps or chapesses have any tips on taking old fob apart to swap the innards in to new case
as much as I love my RR I didn't want to pay £200 plus on a key so that's why I just went for empty case and blade

https://ibb.co/cxQb4vV "enter image title here")
enter image description here

would any one be interested in this alloy rad 100 quid before I scrap if cam off my old off roader but no longer have it or p38
location norfolk

hi folks I'm thinking about putting wind deflectors on our RRS (I know not a p38) just wondering what are people's go to brands been looking at a few just not sure if to go for the stick on ones or the ones that come with the holders ?

on a personal note I just want to say thank you so much for your help and information over the last few days it has been much appreciated

if anyone on here has anything to ask please don't be afraid to ask Gilbertd I'm sure he will help you like he has helped me out with his knowledge

hello folk I know it not a p38 bit would you guys know the best place to down loads a manual for my new toy please as always handy to have one
looked on Haynes bit the don't have one to cover my 56plate sport
thanks folks

hi guys sadly I've had to put my old girl up for sale on social media she up for. spares or repair I just don't have time to fix her up properly be shame but would be nice if it was kept on the road
it's a 2.5td on a W plate got it up for 1200 ono with spare engine from older mode and other spares
would any of yous be interested in it ?
ball joint radius arm bushes have been done
Injector pump pump leaks have got seal kit (spare engine has pump with it)
sadly no mot as it been stood up for a year only advisorys on last mot was oil leak cover for seat belt clasp missing and near side fro the drag link ball joints has slight play
and it still on air


would anyone know why my diesel p38 is making this noise when on charge

when I lock it up all the door locks buzz and only passenger one when unlocked is it a sign the door lock acculator is on its way out

OK folks I've got some cream leather seats to drop in to my old girl they need bloody good clean I was thinking of using G101 a alkaline cleaner and a good leather cleaner after that to soften them up a bit
whats your thoughts or products to use

hi I've been given some seats for my p38 2.5td on a 2000 plate
the new seats came from older model as only has 2 wires for the heated seats (they still work 🤣🤣) enter image description here the new seats

enter image description here
seats in mine now
as you can see mine has the built in srs system the old ones don't
so question is there a way to transfer my srs system from mine to the ones I've been given?

do I dare buy another RR 🤔 or just keep with one
was offered a 4ltr V8 on a 2001 plate needs some work for the mot so not to sure if I wanna take the risk

morning chaps and chapess
I'm about to undertake a task in the next couple of weeks to remove parts including a injector pump from a donar p38 2.5td (sadly being scrapped) to put on mine I was just wondering what tools will I need to remove it
I've have a friend who has all the tools to refit and time the pump to mine once we have it back
has anyone done this before
I'm going to send my old pump to be reconditioned

enter image description here
hi could somebody please tell me what rim's I have on my 2.5td please somebody told me that they were discovery ones I'm looking for one as a spare

hi folks what your vies on the new e10 petrol coming out it ment to be ok in RRs after 96 manufacturer date whats your views
I'm not in this category as I've got dirty diesel

OK folks I'm a bit stumped I've got 2000 2.5td p38
enter image description here
get this going to alternator enter image description here
and this is amperage to the starter all while ticking over BeCM is sleeping when turned off
admittedly I've got a leak on fuel injection pump that is letting air creep in the system when left standing
when I go to turn it over she big sluggish starting if leave the truck standing for few days and go to start it more like I've got flat battery if put jump leads on it fires up better
would anyone have a idea it would be

I've got headlamp wipers on my 2000 2.5td but I can't find the switch to turn them on or off do are they ment to come on when you use the wipers

hi I've fitted a after market Bluetooth stereo to my 2000 2.5td p38 when you turn the key on to start the radio turns on but don't power down when turned off you have to power down manually
when I fitted the radio I used a wire block connector so didn't have to cut and join no wires on the range rover I was just wondering if anyone knows how to set it so when turn key off the radio turns off as it was on the other day and has made battery drain flat

hi newbie here is there anyone who's changed the o rings on a fuel pump and can they be changed with out removing the pump thanks